You guys have consider bullet journal?

Laly Y.
I already Journal but not with bullets. My life is not that busy so I have time to do the long method of hand writing. So I do not use symbol short cuts. Although doing so is much fun. Many people also use face symbols to describe their moods instead of many or few words. These symbolizing shortcuts reminds me of taking shorthand in high school for business, legal, or medical secretary which uses the same principles for quick writing. The only problem that occurs is, after much use, when in conversations, we start thinking of symbols representing words used in descriptions.
Thomas Y.
I did but my lists got too long and I found it discouraging if I didn’t get enough done bc it is so productivity based. And decorative people made me feel inadequate. I like this fabulous thing. Write a list and pick three. Sometimes the biggest priority takes all day and I don’t get anything else done, but if I get that really big thing done at least I feel good about that (usually the one I put off). I’m getting better at prioritizing too.