Do you write a quote?

Barbara E.
I come up with them sometimes, I'm 63 and disabled so I've experienced being positive and greatful and wasting my potential and being miserable. I chose the harder path because I'm still becoming all I can be and I'm happy 😊

Anusha X.
I don't write, but I wish I could. I struggle to arrange my thoughts into verbal /readable forms. So I generally search for quits that represent my thoughts to learn to write them myself one day, in future.

Kiara E.
Not typically. I write alot of things when I journal, or make to do lists etc. Some days I may have a theme, or a topic, maybe a quote. Just depends on the mood I guess.

Genevieve M.
You don’t write the quote, I think the app does that for you (if that’s what you’re asking). And I never respond to the quote, I just write in the journal.

Mia E.
I don’t write a quote, but I do reflect on the quote of the day that is given in the fabulous journal as part of my routine.

Plamena N.
bad times create strong people, and strong people create good times, good times create poor people and poor people create bad times.

Jeffrey W.
‘Done is better than perfect’. Don’t overthink it, it will never be perfect, but you can give all you’ve got, doing your best. You are enough. You are worth it. It will be okay!
If you need help, ask for it. If you are not understanding when someone is talking to you, verbalise it out loud, and see how much this small action will change your life.

Retash C.
An eye for an eye only make the whole world blind however if we can come together and build on the positives we for sure create a better future for our tomorrow

Nat N.
No I don’t write a quote, it’s automatic. Most of the time I respond to the quote asking why it’s there and saying it’s stupid, which probably isn’t good for a mindset but I do it anyways. I really only live by one quote, “feel what you need to feel, and then let it go. Do not let it consume you.” So if it’s not that then I most likely won’t like the quote.

Emma S H.
It not my quote but does inspire me to stop looking into the darkness and find the light by Langston Hugh’s quote: “For when Dreams Die, life is a Broken Winged Bird” which meaning if you continue to give up, life is as sad and dim as a Broken Winged Bird

Erica P.
I'll write down a quote that might inspire a thought, emotion or reaction I get. That then inspires me to write more about my own experience, almost like a reply or continuation of the chosen quote.
I'll write quotes to also put in my room just to read that spark happiness, gratitude or grounding.

Jean Y.
A lot. I usually note down a quote or a citation of successful people in their field when I feel myself or my life there.

Khadijah Z.
I sometimes do, when I need the extra push to start my day I always go into prayer and a quote that says “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me “ I believe it and I declare it over my day and life.

Tina U.
I write down a quote daily. I usually use the same thing that I was told by someone else. The quote is “I am needed in this world”

Ryan U.
I write it on my board before starting anything
I write it on my first page of diary
I always reffer any quotes related to advise which i am giving to someone

Elizabeth N.
Smile at yourself in the mirror, to bring more joy into your life. Smile at a stranger and watch a winter sunset, before the little things in life pass you by.

Jayna Y.
No, I don’t write or invent any quotes. However, I do love to journal down inspiring quotes as they can help motivate me. Sometimes I write down quotes through calligraphy too as I feel that it is more pretty and will call out to me more.

Zlata B.
No, I don’t. I never liked of ideas or making one, because I don’t know where to begin. I’m very proud of people who can do that, I get motivated from those and do understand the others. But writing one is difficult and not my thing. Now if you’re reading this then it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it because it’s a bit difficult for me. Instead try it for yourself and then decide, ok?

Mario Z.
Long answers aren’t always The best. If u write a short answer ,make sure the content is short informative and contains everything in the lesson

Mia X.
Yes I do! I write quotes all of the time so can encourage myself. Some of the quotes that I say are “you are you” or “be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Those quotes just pump me up and make me feel better when I am not doing good. I recommend thinking of a signature quote that you can use to make yourself feel better and ready to tackle your day!!!!!!

Simon X.
The ones with the brightest smiles, went through the most. Whether it is emotionally, physically, or mentally. They learned how to appreciate themselves and worked hard to have what they have, or they are faking it all and pretending to be the happiest person for others.

Leah F.
When I am writing in my journal I don’t usually write a quote but sometimes I might write a inspirational sentence to keep me going and never give up

Judy N.
You dont have to analyze or know exactly what is wrong when you feel an emotion. All you have to do is feel the physical emotion happening in your body. Its always okay to feel saddness, anger, happiness, etc. To feel the physical sensation of an emotion is how it is released. Never be ashamed of having emotions.

San X.
I usually just go with the flow and write what I'm thinking in that moment. Maybe, while I was doing that I would have written a quote. But, otherwise, I don't actively try to write quotes 🙂

Lilianne A.
Be who you are and don’t apologize for being you because the people you care will stay and the people who don’t care will leave.

Kenny J.
“I am not scared by the concept of death. I have spent all of time before I was born in that death like state, and I am not bothered by that one bit.”

Istabraq S.
In journaling you don’t have to write a quote. Just write anything you think about the quote that already written there.

Kiko N.
I do like to write quotes. My favorite being, “you can never go home again” which I used to think meant in a negative way but now believe it means you can’t return to the nieve ignorance a home can sometimes provide. Once you see the truth, going back to delusions or lies, even one’s meant to protect you. Because once you know the truth and can accept it and grow from it then going back just isn’t appealing anymore.

Alice F.
I never write a quote. I’m not good at writing at all, but I am quiet, drawn to meaningful meanings that I can have a use for in the future

Melisa B.
Smoothies! Take some time over the weekend to fill bags with fruit, that way when you wake up during the week, you just have to pop the bag in the blender and you’re set to go!

Cynthia W.
I often write quotes from our daily enlightenment. I find referring back to them grounds me in times of anxiousness or unrest. Quotes also provide me with a ‘jump-off’ point, if you will, for longer writing pieces like journaling, meditation or preparation for speeches. So, yeah, I often write down quotes.

Colleen J.
Yes I do. I really like using them. I feel more inspired knowing someone has come up with them so therefore others have and does understand what it’s like.

Sameer F.
Lot of amazing thoughts come to my mind which make me wonder about myself ( that…i also can think like this) but most of the time I forget to note then down😂. So yeah i don't write quotes but i definitely love to read the quotes from others

Thulani X.
I don’t have any of my quotes written down but I have famous quotes written in my journal and mounted on my office wall. Eg. Ask and ye shall find – bible

S Lvia I.
I do sometimes type quotes, mainly on instagram notes, I feel that I can help inspire others with knowledge and wisdom which isn’t sought after these days