What’s your favourite writing prompt or bit of advice that you’ve come across?

Gustavo T.
Everything happens in a life has a reason and it always good for you…in some days you don't get this fact easily but then you will realise as tike passes that its not in your hand…only you can do is to live today courageously and with excitement of tomorrow that you don't know what will happen

Gustavo T.
For writing brain dumps, write a long, unconnected sentence. As sloppy as your flow of consciousness is.
Then read, add what you need and organize
I often make my to do lists like this, write down everything that's occupying space in my mind, then sort through it and figure out what I need to do, when and how. This allows you to relax as you put down your worries, and have an organized plan to do what you need to do

Serenity G.
I haven’t seen many prompts or responses yet, but my favorite is one asking about fasting because I don’t have that kind of lifestyle and it’s fun to explore other cultures and religions!

Kelly O.
My favorite writing prompt is to self-reflect. What am I thinking about? What am I feeling right now? What do I want to do with my day?

Gustavo T.
Be surrounded by good people and your path will be great! In the way, leave good examples and help whenever possible without waiting for something.

Gustavo T.
I used to swim when I was younger. I had this coach who said something to me when I didn't do well. This has stuck with me for the rest of my life. This bit of advice: Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet. We have to make the most of what we have and remember that the sun will still rise in the morning. If things aren't going well, that means it's not the end.

Natosha P.
I usually write short notes cause when they are long I tend to ramble and get off topic. Any suggestions or tips on how write longer notes as well as tips on how to better reflect on what I’ve written when it seems confusing and all over the place !?

Larissa Y.
I actually just got the best advice tagt my mom always tells me and the app today for the daily coaching just repeat the same things. Don’t make assumptions of what others think of you, if it is something negative especially change it to positive says and observe other people’s reaction. Truth is people will react to you the way that you think about yourself because the universe will give you exactly what you want even if it is negative or positive, so if you think “ oh I have a hard time having friends” that’s exactly you will get more people around you who does not have the same energy as you. And that’s for everything, everything you think about the world or yourself or anything at all you make your reality. And tagt has been the real truth of my life because it’s been proved every single day, so I truly believe this. Once you start to analyze what you think and how your life goes you will be able to determine that truth

Kim P.
Three years ago I died. I had been gravely ill with septic shock and I died. I was in darkness being pulled towards a huge party in bright light. I got close enough to recognize the faces there. My mom, her mom, my other grandmother, my great nana, my mom’s best friend were there together laughing and happy. One of them saw me approaching and they shouted, “Go back! It’s too soon! It’s not your time!” I had to fight my way back against the current that was pulling me towards the abyss. I woke up in the hospital, not dead anymore. Alive! Now what? Why? Why was I still here and why wasn’t it my time to go? I asked and prayed and thought, why am I here? Best answer came from a friend who said,”That’s easy! You’re here to be you! There’s only one you and only you can be you. You’re here to finish being who you are!” So every day since I have been me being me to the fullest.

Amalie W.
My favorite bit of advice even though it's kind of basic is that you get out what you put in. If you want outstanding results you need to put in an outstanding effort. I live by this quote being a high school senior and all I've learned to accept the results that I receive whether it's for assignments or challenges in life based on the effort I put in tackling them.

Gustavo T.
it’s not terribe but it’s much better for your menatl health and energy to set aside 5-10 minutes to eat. it’s better than rushing. wake up a few mins earlier. have an amazing life 🙂

Vitalina P.
Alice first, cioè trovare il mio giusto valore e mettermi davanti a tutto. Capire che sono forte anche da sola, che posso farcela.

Gustavo T.
not sure really. I'm a fickle creature. Actually it's the, There is nothing to writing all you have to do is sit down and bleed. I love that it came from a generator. prompts are difficult for me sometimes they end up just being an irritant and I will go pda but it might just be todo with pressures other than writing so writing just feels like another pressure. sometimes I've felt like writing but have no inspiration whatsoever so have just streaming conciousness gone back to it later and taken out odd lines and built flash fiction around that. I forgot what the first question was not.. damit..it was todo with fitting something in..

Guillaume Y.
My favorite writing prompt is a creative writing prompt because it gives my a chance to actually let go of my thoughts is a fun way

Brent C.
I like having the quote as a prompt because it is very open ended and most of the time they are easily relatable to a medley of things so I never struggle to connect it to my daily life. I like that it starts the flow of writing but doesn’t necessarily dictate where it is supposed to go.

Maria N.
My favorite prompt is to gather questions about not just myself but also the world around me and how do I handle them together.

Kristian V.
Well music is amazing and collaboration can really push you through a block. But I think if your just practicing, repeating a prompet or even names and ideas makes your brian flush out the writing.

Ruxandra A.
That if I have a hard time doing something it means I need to break it down into even smaller chunks and make it so easy that’s impossible to not do it.

Somya F.
What has happened in the past was for the best.. what is happening presently is for the best. And what shall happen in the future will also be for the best. There is no need to worry as worrying doesn't solve the problem. You just need to be detached from the fruit of your actions. Emotional immunity has to be created and strengthened over time. And in no circumstance ever should you lose faith and hope.

Lee Z.
To live today instead of tomorrow. The future is too uncertain so I cannot wait to take decisions about my life. If I wait for the ideal circumstances, I will wait forever.

Joey J.
Don't motivate yourself through pressure and "should", instead try love and "I would enjoy". What have you been feeling pressure to do? How can you think about it differently to enjoy that thing?

Vaishnavi W.
I haven’t been using fabulous for very long now but I like when some of the prompts are direct questions it makes it easy to answer