What do you do when you don’t know what to write?

Rhonda F.
Think about all that you have done throughout the day, it might not be exciting but write it down and set a goal that tomorrow your you will do one thing differently and see the results.
Charly Z.
when i don’t know what to write about i write about what i’m looking forward to, how my day has been, something i’m grateful for, something that has me in a mad mood. i use my journal as a space to rant about anything that’s bothering me or just on my mind!
Goni U.
I say download Pinterest it gives you a bunch of notebook ideas and has aesthetic recipes wallpapers and more it's generally a great app also general advice write your notes and give like tiny time capsules for like the day you start journaling the capsule to day 100 or 50 of journaling I make it look nice so it's just more fun to do it give yourself goals and stick pictures of you with tape and see how you evolve
Clayton Z.
I just write about what I did today. How I feel. What I need to improve in. What I can do the next day to do better. Maybe potential plans for tmrw
Sergej G.
Just write what you are feeling or what you were feeling during the day. Writing about what you feel helps you to gain a better understanding of your feelings.
Amelie J.
Write about what you see around you, or what you did that day or the day before. Write about your hopes and dreams and goals.
Laurete P.
i personally write down what i’m looking forward to that day, or the things i need to do such as things work i need to do, or working on a project
Kathy W.
I prefer not to write at all if I don't know what to say. However, if I do respond I try to speak from my heart about my experiences if they apply to situations I am responding to give an example.
Keisha O.
I write down whatever the voice is in head is saying or thinking about in that moment and then my creativity flows back into the process
Jonathan Z.
I try to get some inspiration. I usually go walking and think of everything that comes to mind and then when the right thing comes to mind i stop writing it and then it just comes yk.
Gerry U.
When you don’t know how to answer a question or you feel like it doesn’t suit you right now just write anything on your mind! if it’s hard to start, bullet points are great
Mercy L.
I just let my soul flow out. Writing is the only time I can say what on my mind. When I don’t know what to write I just write what is on my mind or even I memory
Katoue I.
That happened to me a lot! I ended up getting a guided journal from the dollar store and it gives me an idea each day on what to write. There’s all sorts of guided journals I totally recommend getting one if you can! In the meantime what I did was just write a few things that I was grateful for that day
Hugh U.
i would just look up shadow questions or i would just write whatever is on my mind even if it means i’m not sure what to write i just write it down
Te B.
I like to listen to the creativity programs on fabulous, or get out of the area I'm writing in and pick a new location, alternatively, reading can help with your writing.
Carey X.
I pick up a nice pen. One which feels good to hold and smooth to write. The pen starts for me beginning the first words that come. The love of a good pen links with my creativity and the writing flows.
Isabella A.
Write what’s on my mind. Another option is to write what I’m thankful for or what I see around me. These prompts usually get more thoughts to come in and then I’m writing easily.
Lotte F.
You write about what your grateful about, what you think about the day or what you feel confident about. You can even write a few affirmations or quotes to help you get through your day. You can write anything that will help you get through your day. Something is something and it keeps you motivated.
Christoffer W.
I just write whats on my mind, what’s been bothering me, or what I’m either looking forward to from the day or what the day brought for me (good or bad). Journaling is a way to process information and often times resolve issues, and celebrate, depending on the topic. It doesn’t even have to be much. It can be a simple sentence or 3 paragraphs. It’s up to you!
Lisa B.
You write what comes to you and pray it’s in alignment with his will and hopefully best case scenarios you help someone out.
Leona J.
i don’t write anything and close the text field with nothing inside because if i would try to write something it would every day be the same or just bullshit
Isavella G.
When I don’t know what to write, I turn to prompts. I find journaling prompts and use those as my topic for my journaling sessions. And, if I can’t even find prompts or none of them stand out to me, I go with the very vanilla journaling style. I do a mood check in, I then write about what activities I did today, and then maybe add a little note regarding those activities and how they influence my mood.
Ayuna Z.
I may write my feelings, like "I don't know what to write". Or I'm looking for words that describe my feelings. Sadness, loneliness, vague, confused, relaxed, whatever.
Raven W.
I write down any thought as it comes to my mind. If I'm really struggling, I write about my surroundings, what can I see or hear? Is it hot or cold? Am I comfortable?
Dooter N.
I write that I don't know what to write, then I write whg I think I don't know what to write about the particular thing and eventually, I turn out to have written something after all.
Nat N.
I just start to reflect on my day and what I did. Then I normally start to go into detail about certain things and how they made me feel. And then I wrote about the thoughts I had during the day and try to identify why I had them and why they made me feel that way.
Julian Z.
Even if you think you don’t know what to write especially in your journal. Just list what happened that day how things made you feel and how you are doing. You will find something to write about just like me right now I didn’t know what to write about at first but I figured it out
Heather Z.
When I don’t know what to write, I began re-counting today and that helps me remember what stuck out for me and usually that does the trick to get me on stuck
Melissa P.
When I’m not sure what to write. I take a deep breath and think of what I’m grateful for. These are usually people in my life, or recent opportunities. That usually triggers some thoughts to reflect on. Or I write encouraging words to keep me motivated.
Elaine P.
I reflect on what has happened in the past day or week. Significant events that happened to you and such things. I find that it is easier to write when you have a specific feeling tied to a certain topic.
M Lissa Y.
Let random thoughts through my head and write anything that comes to mind down whether it’s about science or PE or anything just let random thingsFlow through and write them down like bullet points.
Liva B.
I feel like I have a great deal of self sabotage. I downloaded this app and stayed consistent for 4 days. I realize when I give myself tasks as small as they are sometimes I know what I should be doing then for some reason I don’t do it BUT then I feel guilty for doing anything else so I just sit there kinda stuck until I get over that stupid feeling and do what I set myself up to do. When I’m in a block it’s kinda the same way. I sit and reflect and just start typing. The words follow after.
Ulha C.
I will at least write my goals for the day, (it may be as simple as eat well, or a bigger goal) how I can achieve that goal, and how I feel about the goal. Is it a top priority, something I want to do, need to do, etc.
Alice S.
when im doing my journaling, especially for anxiety or before bed, and i feel like i have nothing to write about or am low on energy or don’t know what i’m thinking- i do Worry Time.
Worry Time is where you divide your page into three columns: No Control, Some Control and Full Control.
From there, you start to write down word vomit of what’s on your mind and put all those thoughts into the columns. If you need prompting, start with No Control and write about world events that make you sad/stressed and go from there.
Once you feel like you’ve gotten all your thoughts out, the second step is to cross out the No Control section and then (on a new page if you need) start to write some solutions. Spend 2 mins on Some Control and 5 mins on Full Control, then pop your paper away and go about your day or go to sleep.
It can be a much faster and lower energy way to get your thoughts out of your head and start to make sense of things.
Kiwi N.
I will end up just blurting out whatever I’m thinking in my head. Eventually I begin to have some ideas and i’ll branch off to follow them
Jeppe C.
The times when I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ what to write I just let my mind 🧠to think what ever it wants to and write every random thing happening in my mind or just keep writing what ever I feel or see. I take a deep breath 😮‍💨 and take the pen start writing what ever is going on so until I can question myself and write down what I want to know or what is the question of the day so I can understand myself better.🤗
Isabella F.
I usually just scribble all over the paper if I don’t know what to write but I usually write about my day and occasionally things I’m grateful for. It doesn’t have to be anything complex.
Florestana O.
When I'm drawing a blank on what to write and just write any word that comes to mind. Just to get the thought out there, I describe what I'm feeling even if it's nothing.
Nelly O.
I think about it, but mostly only thinking is a bad decision. Write what’s on your mind. Don’t think about making mistakes. Let the pen write what’s on your mind
Eugene S.
when I'm not sure what to write, I usually take a moment to gather my thoughts and think about what the best response might be.
Matilde N.
I simply start by the basics. Almost like I was narrating my day, not emotionally, just as it was. Ex: got up, ate breakfast, got dressed, etc…
As I start doing it I start remembering things with more detail, and remembering my emotions and thoughts about whatever I did, and sometimes it doesn’t do anything for me, and I simply right what I did like in the example and be done with it. But other times it will sparkle my flow, and take me further in my journaling for the day.
Ishwari E.
When you don't know what to write, you can try these tips which I feel will help you express yourself. Take few deep breaths and try freewriting. Freewriting refers to write your continuous flowing thoughts on a piece on paper by setting a time, say for example 10 mins, you can choose the topic on which you want to write. You can write without correcting your grammatical mistakes and punctuations. Just let the thoughts of your mind flow on the paper without any judgement and analysis. Once you finish, go through the write up and tada here's your draft.
Sara O.
This used to happen to me a lit. I had jo idea what to write about in my journal. I even asked google what to write, but all of the examples seemed so boring and so not me. When ai started using Fabulous I decided that I needed to write, but that meant that whatever thoughts I was having at that moment where the things I needed to write because those are the things that are actually happening to me. For example, I was worrying about money and how tight things were getting. That was in my kind constantly. But I wanted to write in the journal things that were “journal-ish”. I thought, if I am worried about money, let me jot that down. And from there, a whole ocean of thoughts came up about my job, how I am handling my time, procrastination, ideas that never came to life and started to understand that money problems were translated into a me-making-decisions problem. Write the first thing that comes to mind, develop it and you’ll get to the inner problem or initial idea.
Valdemira E.
Don't feel obliged to write, don't torture yourself over not having put anything down, especially if you have nothing to write about now.
When you're writing and you feel obligated anyway, know that a single sentence can be enough; Baby Shoes is no less truly writing than Ulysses.
That said, there are some strategies, a few methods for generating writing, not out of nothing, but when the engine is running on fumes.

When you're home, look around you and observe your surroundings:
See there are colors in the floor and your possessions are a shape.
Hear that there are sounds all around you, maybe birds chirp outside, maybe a refrigerator or fan is humming unnoticed, maybe irate drivers are honking in a traffic jam.
Feel the weight , the heat, the touch between your being and the world that's happening all the time. Feel the hardness of a tiled floor and the softness of a carpet; feel the heat of the sun and the coolness of a breeze; feel the give of a bed or the stiffness of a table.
Smell the flowers, the fresh air, the cooking on the stovetop; taste the cookies, water, and coffee.
You've taken it in. Describe it. Describe it as naturally to yourself if this is a first, but this is your choice.
Good. Describe it again, differently this time. And again. And again. Do this as many times as you wish, at least until you can look at anything in the world and say something about it.
So much fills the world, you'll be challenged to run out of stuff to write about.

There is a world inside your mind. Notice your thoughts, your feelings as they're arising.
Well rested? Write it down. Stiff neck? Write it down. Getting bored? Write it down. Your feelings and thoughts are a constant river from which you may dip your cup into.

There are other methods, but this is already getting long, I'm getting tired, and I'm sure what I've given so far can be of some use.

The best advice I can give, however, is to have more things to write about by doing more things that can be written about. Writing is writing about something, so do something worth writing about, anything really; even if nothing comes out of it, you will still have done something worth doing, so it's a win-win either way.
Doesn't have to be big, it can be small if you wish, but it should be done.
I've never met a lack of whats to write that couldn't be solved with an influx of whats to write.

Trish G.
I'll just write about my day how I'm feeling. If I'm really stumped I love going online to find a writing prompt and then just free write from there.
S G.
What I do when I don’t know what to write is just start writing anything. It can be something that is bothering me, something weird that just happened or something as boring a “I did nothing today.” But once I start writing, even if it is once sentence a day, I eventually get better at writing what is on my mind even if it doesn’t make perfect sense.
Fatma N.
just close your eyes and dream about you, just you, and ask yourself which life that you really deserve after all this pain
Len Cia Q.
I usually write about my day, something good that happened or even something not so good. It helps because if I look back, half of the not so good stuff I don’t even really remember and it’s not that important. (Usually a hard day with my 5 year old)
270 F.
I look at the Question and instead of beating around the Bush I give relevant answer to the Question even if it takes time for me to come up with an answer..
Alberte P.
I just kinda of do a brain dump. I write out what I need to do that day and how I will do it. As well as my emotions surrounding that work.
Emily U.
I reflect on myself and found what I have achieved that day, and how that will affect my days later on. With this, I am able to read my past journal and compare it to my state now, only to find myself changing for the better and improve as time pass. This allows me to keep track on my action and stay motivated to complete a goal that I have in mind. However, there are times where I reflect on my state of mind and things that I found upsetting or uncomfortable to feel. Letting those emotions flow is the best way to let yourself accept these puffy feelings.
Barbara Q.
I don't usually write a lot, only what I did and how I was feeling during the day. Even when you don't do anything you can write: 'I didn't feel well so I spent most of the day in bed.'
Jen J.
Start with maybe something personal like a fond memory if it’s something fictional you could always build off of something like that but if you’re writing personally it could really help to get in touch with your emotions and where they come from. Questions like why and when are the best to figure out stuff like that.
Al Xio Z.
I just start writing about everything that happened in my day or any sort of random thoughts that pop into my head. if I really can't come up with anything, then I just don't write. why force yourself to write about thoughts you don't have, you know? but I find that most of the time there's something to write about, even if it's the most insignificant thing.
Hans C.
Yes because then I wouldn’t write. If I wasn’t sure what to write about, I would just think about my friends. Then I will have something to write about
Jade N.
I think we all have this thought that there is a right way to write or journal but there is no right or wrong way. I think the best way to start writing or journaling is to buy a journal & a pen or pencil, make sure you always have it near by or close so if you do think of something it's always there for you to jot down your thoughts, emotions, feelings, what you see, hear, smell or even taste. You can literally write about anything, & I seriously mean anything at all. When I find myself getting stuck & not knowing what to write, i like to look up journaling prompts for a daily journal or even just any type of writing prompts, you'd be surprised at how many different things, questions & prompts that will give you the perfect idea to write something. Or let's say you decide you don't wanna look something up & you want to do it all on your own, which I find myself (a perfectionist) doing also, sometimes I'll just simply write about my day, how it went, what I did, what I was feeling, thinking, what emotions I had, if I accomplished anything or any goals, or if something or someone made me upset or angry, why did I get upset or angry, what happened that made me feel that way, how I could have done something different or better or maybe you wouldn't have done any of it differently or better, maybe the day or what upset you went exactly how you wanted it to go. You can even simply write about 3-5 things you we're grateful for that day or you can write one thing you hated & one thing you loved & nothing more. You don't have to fill up a full page, you could write one paragraph, one sentence, you could even just write one word if that's all you feel like writing that day & that's okay, you could even write I literally don't know what to write about today, & finish you daily journal entry just like that. You don't even have to write words you could even draw a picture or cut pictures out of magazines & glue them in your journal, you could write & draw, you could even just scribble all over the paper if that's what you feel like that day, I know I have my days where I begin to write but then I get upset or angry or just don't know what to write so my journal entry's end with draws or scribbles or even simply being one word. Journaling is something that can be very healthy & beneficial for our mental & emotional wellbeing & I truly do recommend that more people should get involved with this daily routine, it's good to let out your thoughts, feelings& emotions somewhere. Even if we have trouble on deciding what to write that's okay too because there are many ways you could come up with something different like looking up journal prompts, or simply just writing down exactly what you are thinking in your head even if it's you writing you have no idea what to write. Let's say you really have no idea what to write I want you to still try to do your daily journal entry as normal, take out your journal, write the date , & if you don't know what to write, I want you to write the sentence " I have no idea what to write " over & over & over again & i bet you eventually you'll get tired of writing it over & over that your beautiful, intelligent, divine& outstanding mind will come up with something to write & if you don't that's okay too you can always take a break from journaling if you feel you need it. Don't overwhelm yourself or over think it because at the end of the day it's okay if you skip a day of writing & it's okay for you too write that you have no idea what to write about & it's okay to write one page or one paragraph or one sentence or one word & it's okay to just draw etc. Just remember to be patient, positive & optimistic because you deserve to love the beautiful, independent, strong, intelligent , divine, confident, person you are. Love yourself, do some self care, & remember to remind yourself that this is your life & that you can accomplish, conquer & succeed in anything you do. Love you all. Have a grateful day & smile at yourself in the mirror this morning because you're absolutely beautiful 💚💕much love xoxo

~ jade

Nevaeh N.
When I do write and I don’t know what to write I just write a story about how my life is going to change and how my future looks like and what my career will be in the future or next year or in a few years
Ken J.
Well, usually I think of how I feel that day, or what exciting events happened. But, not all days are exciting, fun, and adventurous. So, in situations like these I would: Perhaps come back to it later in the hour, make a short story, or talk about the week, and any other plans you have that motivates yourself. I hope this solves your problem!
Irmhild U.
When I don’t know what to write I either come back to it later or just start off with something small or a little off topic
Asmita P.
I let my inner child talk to me as a loving parent. I ask her what does she want to talk about today and let her open up about her feelings and thoughts
Thaina Q.
Geralmente eu fico refletindo sobre o tema, tento dividir o assunto em partes ou tópicos que eu sei que são importantes posta ajudar a formar o contexto que preciso
Morin B.
I sit in silence for a little while and just let my mind wander. Then I pick the thing that bothers me the most and start writing it down.
Silvano F.
I will find a template and try to fill it out if I don’t know what to do. The most important thing is to write down something.
Eileen J.
I write any thoughts I have, any emotions I’m feeling, sensing. What happened eventS, what I witnessed, anything that I feel safe to share with myself
Aryan G.
If I don't know what to write
I write about my self about my family and about my behaviour and people around me how they behave and react
Vickie U.
I usually just search up ‘writing prompts’ and see a picture. Describe that picture and maybe even write a story about it. Or, you can search up ‘[what genre/type of writing you are writing] writing prompts’
Adora P.
I start watching some of my favourite shows or reading some of my favourite books to get inspiration and to study similar characters to my own. Since I usually write fabrication I like to dive back into the original to find loopholes that I could expand upon.
Noemi I.
I feel lost when I don’t know what to write so I’m gonna talk to someone like my mom and just ask her a word and start writing with that word once she told me « boat » I was confused at first but then I wrote almost 2 pages
Claudia P.
When I don’t know what to write I write motivational quotes and reflect on yesterday to visualize how I want today to be like.
Krzysztof F.
A lot of the time I look up journal prompts on Pinterest. When I find ones that I enjoy, I write them down on a piece of paper that I fold up and put in a crafted pouch that is on the inside of my journal. Once a prompt from the sheet is completed, I check off the box I drew for it. Then when the page is all checked off, I repeat the process.
Eli P.
Reflect on my day , what good happened and what bad, if something triggered my traumas, if i felt something strange, if i have any new achievements even of they where as little as i smiled to a stranger, if i have any new goals or dreams, if i got inspiration from somewhere, just stay connected and you're going to know the answers.
Logan R.
Typically I just start out by word vomiting on to the page. Not necessarily anything grammatically correct or particularly profound, just a sorta stream of consciousness. Usually when I don't know what to write it's not that I don't have things to write about, it's that I don't know how to get there, and a stream of consciousness entry helps that process get started.
Maeve F.
I just write anyway. My brain is always licking up random things and following many paths at once. So usually I just follow one of those and write what it's saying. Even ' I don't know what to write' is still writing.
Sofia U.
It happens to me everytime but then I remember why I'm always turning back to this app. the reason is I need help, I need guidance and when I write, I write my feelings, my fear, my hopes and my thoughts on the future.
Eiurlan P.
I take time to reflect on the topic/question and think of what I could say to begin my writing. If I don’t know exactly what to say, I write about the first thing that comes to my mind.
Sara E.
I will take a walk, maybe w my puppy, or my kids. Binge some Netflix. Go shopping. Maybe call up a good friend or family member and discuss something that is happening w them, or maybe even ask for ideas. Think back to my childhood. There is many things I can do if I get stuck. A nice long hot bath is a good idea, as well. Clearing out the mind, is usually the best, w a little meditation. Good luck!
Riyah J.
When I don't know what to write, I start with a quick a quick a “brain dump"; This is where I take 30 seconds to 1 minute and write down random words or shapes or anything that is in my mind at all. Once finished that, I like to try and write down gratitude to help me feel stronger to get through the day as well as a simple written out organization or a “schedule” of some sort to help me feel on top of things. Sometimes when I don’t know what to write and these prompts aren’t working for me, I will just write in my journal that I don’t know what to write and how that in itself is making me feel.
Lex N.
I just start writing even if it’s all over the place and it doesn’t make sense my thoughts eventually come to focus. Good Luck!
Takwa G.
I would write about that exact feeling. I would write that I dont know What I want to write. And Expo ain that it is natural as a human being to once in a while dont know What to do or What to write. It it self is a Story to write about
Ac Lio I.
When I don’t know what to write, I let my fingers pour out of whatever comes out of my mind. This could have nothing to do with the question. But i let it fill the screen with anything that i can think of. it lets me wrote down anything i want to remember and always is quite therapeutic because i can talk about how i feel about it.
Crystal T.
When I don’t know what to write I dig deep into my heart and find what’s really in there. I look for a feeling I didn’t know I was feeling. Or I write what my plan for the day is.
Roxane N.
I usually write my random thoughts when I don't know what to write. I become aware ot my thoughts when I do that. This I do when I am sad. Also, I see my surroundings when I am happy but do not have anything to write. When I do that I write what is happening around me and what do I think about it and what I enjoy about it. I relate it with my emotions of that particular time. This I do when I'm happy.
Jessica Z.
Actually there are so many things that you can write about in your journal. One of my favorites is Shadow work, you can look up on Pinterest Shadow work questions and answer them, really long answers, where you are describing your emotions very truthfully, honestly, and deeply. Another thing that you can write is a gratitude list, three, five, even ten things that you are grateful for today, it gives me so much joy and happiness. Most of the time I don't really know what am I supposed to write, sometimes I feel like my head is so empty, but trick is to just start writing, talk about how your day went, what you are planning to do today, something that's been occupying your head, and you're going to catch yourself writing many pages.
Malthe C.
I just start writing out my daily routine, starting from the second I wake up, until the second my head touches the pillow. I've used journal prompt generators in the past, as well.
Grace N.
I usually just write about little things that I am going to do or about how my sleep was and just little feeling that I have. If I don’t know what to write then I just come up with anything I can about something I did how my sleep was what I ate what I want for dinner or small things like that.
Mon O.
When I don’t know what to write I leave it for a moment : if I can I go outside and pick up random smells or random I spy games to see the first thing that inspires me to write .
Joless N.
just don’t. do not force yourself neither your brain and feel free to rest or to do whatever your body and your head are asking
Robert J.
There are a few options.
1. Random free writing – release what's in the mind
2. Google some questions/topics for reflections
3. Gratitude list
4. Best possible self
Denise Z.
Just start writing down anything, what you’re feeling in the moment, what you smell, hear or see. This might trigger a memory or a thought and lead you into writing more and more.
Sahar X.
I just think for like 5 seconds then write whatever comes to my mind even if it's not related. First days I just wrote one word. I think words keep coming when we let them be free.
Stacey E.
Just write about your day and your emotions throughout the day. If you really can’t think of what do put, just put how you’re feeling right now.
Annika C.
It’s always good to journal ! So here is some ideas you could try , try writing 3 things you love about yourself or 5 things that made your day if you still don’t know write a short description of your day or draw a picture!
Roberto F.
It doesn’t happen, because I write for living and have a flow. What I would do is to close my eyes, tune into myself, ask a question ‘how do I feel’, and listen. Answer with one word, that is enough of an entry, even for the entire day.
Warren E.
I write in my prayer journal anything that comes to mind, any person or place I pray for them and it gives you an entirely different connection with people if you pray for them
Kiara E.
I will just write literally whats on my mind to start then eee where it goes. For instance it might start as " So im sitting here at 7:03 a.m and want to write in my journal because it's therapeutic for me but my mind is blank. I dont even know what I want to write. Everyone is still asleep right now and im just enjoying this moment of peace, and gratitude I'm awake." Etc and so on. I literally just brain dump when I dont know exactly what I'd like to write. It'll usually come up while im writing, or, I might at least laugh at it when I come back to read it later. Anyway, I hope this was helpful ❤️
Clara F.
Just literally write the first thing that comes to mind about your day. Some days I just write “work good, love family”.
Ashtin M.
I struggle with this as well when it comes to open ended journaling. I just ramble. I might not know exactly what to write but I have something to say or I have thoughts running through my brain, whether it’s relevant to a prompt or not. Keeping it in my head and to myself doesn’t do me any good because it’s gone just as fast as it came and I have to try to keep up with my thoughts and organize them.
Carmen U.
When you don’t know what to write remind yourself how far you’ve come on your journey any small changes you have made are a sign that you have the power to change into a better lifestyle so motivate your future self to carry on and make changes for the better.
Helen O.
I try to calm myself and the dominant thoughts , where my mind travels , are the keys.
So I start writing them down and in that moment not knowing becomes knowing
Riya I.
i have 2 questions ready..
in the morning .. how do you feel?
and at night .. how was your day ?
just answer those.. once you start writing , the flow will begin and you’ll keep continuing..
also there are certain questions/topics of journalling u’l get on Pinterest. you can try those too.
Jost F.
I will just think or else I will u seedy and the question use my common sense and imagination to cope up the answer with real answer
Gina Z.
If I can't think of what to write, I would give myself all the time. I need to think about it. If I still can't answer after that. I'm a Google. What the answer could be? If that doesn't work then I might ask somebody around me ! These would give me ways to answer or ways to write down the answer and reflect contemplate and figure out what to write.
Mila Y.
Try not to force it. Taking some time to do other tasks is a great way to alleviate a writing block; the time spent working on another task usually allows your mind to come up with something in the background.
Jemma P.
I don’t know I doodle or try to rhyme.
I start basic journaling and keeping track that way I like writing and will do creative writing were u answer some random life question and am gonna try that I need to keep my head busy not negative more positive Jemma
Kenadi S.
When I am tapping into my journaling time and find myself stuck on what to write I tend to write exactly what I am thinking of in that very moment. If I just took my pup out for a walk, I’ll write about how goofy he is and how grateful I am that he makes me smile. I start to write things I am grateful for that happened that day. Something as simple as taking my first breath of the day to not breaking my toe when I stubbed it on my dresser. XD
Amy N.
Take time to sit in a quiet place with only your thoughts & you. Look around & take in what you see & feel. If you are feeling anxious write it down, if you are feeling overwhelmed write it down, or if you are just unsure just write what comes to you. Just remember Breathe in & you got this!👍
Sarah U.
When I am having trouble writing especially if it’s for my journal I will grab an oracle deck and use the card I pull as a guide on what to write about.
Nica E.
Well, you can write about anything you can write about your day, your favourite things, whatever comes to mind. But, I you are really struggling then, you should doodle. It helps a lot.
Mildred U.
When I don't know what to write I just keep things in my mind and if I not able to I talk about it with someone like my sister or my friend whom I can trust.
Sharayah Y.
Practice bringing my attention into the present. Feel my body, breath, notice where my thoughts want to wander and gently bring them back to here and now. Maybe light a candle or use some nice smelling hand lotion. Set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and just put pen to paper. Sometimes it starts with something like, “well I really don’t know what to write today but I’m going to write anyway. Here I am, sitting at my desk and I notice….” and typically once I’ve gotten that far other things will start coming up. I’ve had some very interesting journaling sessions using this method! I try not to overthink it and just write whatever comes. If my timer goes off and I’m not inspired to keep going, then I’ll stop. Otherwise I might keep it up if I’m feeling the momentum. Either way, I’ve given that time to myself and I feel good about that. Shout out to Luna Dietrich for helping me to develop this practice! Check them out for all kinds of pleasure-based goodness.
William Z.
I seek and find prompt questions that relate to how I am feeling on that day or what my overall journey is for the day, week or month.
Eric U.
There are so many ways to start exercising especially for beginners. Sit ups is a great way to help with your lower workout. Pilates is also great for beginners it’s also a great way to get rid of writers block
Chloe Z.
talk about problems in the past/future, things you are worried about. write about what kind of person you are and what are your strengths and weaknesses, how can you fix them? what type of bad habits do you have and how can you help slowly get rid of them? what interesting things did you see today? is there anything you wished to do but you didn’t do today, is there something you wished you didn’t do today. how are you feeling,
Abel Q.
i usually start with a stream of consciousness ramble or a detailed description of where i am in that moment. sometimes a detail from that ramble will catch my interest and i’ll start writing a more structured exploration of that detail. sometimes this will end up being genuinely good or interesting, but not always. sometimes you just have to accept that you’re not going to write something brilliant every time, and you try again later.
Ella N.
I prefer an actual book. One reason is because I like to feel the book in my hands. And I like I get more information and story telling then from a phone or a computer.
Rusu N.
I am thinking about what i have done in the day. And i write all about it. How it made me feel, what thing made me have the strongest feeling (either good or bad) etc. I let my brain expose everything. There isnt anything that can be ‘wrong’ in your own journal. So let everything that you think, flow! That’s when you get clarity.
Manuel S.
If you do not know what to write in your journal try to take off some of the pressure about having everything you write sound “ perfect “, instead let yourself just write down your thoughts from the day. It doesn’t have to be anything deep it can even be as simple as starting to write down what you did that day. After you start things should feel easier to write and come more naturally and not feel as forced. I find that when I don’t know what to write if I dig a little deeper it isn’t that I don’t have anything to write but that I am to scared to write my feelings down because it makes the situation I’m in seem more real. But when I start writing down how I actually feel it is really good and can help you come to terms with how your feeling. Hope this helps.
Fatuma F.
I write about my dreams. I write about interesting moments in my days or I reflect on things that are or were emotionally charged for me.
Gilbert O.
First i make my point (answer) then i say why i chose this answer and give reason why i think that reason is the right one.
Celina U.
I never know what to write, so I start with the facts. What happened? Where did I go and who did I see? Was there a bug in my room that I managed to squish without screaming? Usually from there, I’ll start feeling things about what happened. Maybe I had a student ask me a particularly hard question today and I really had to think about not only the answer for them, but what it means to me and how that effects others. For me, the facts precede the feelings, and the right words come last. In the end though, it doesn’t matter what you write. As long as there are words on the page at the end of the day, then you’ve won. Whatever words they are, as long as they’re truthful, are going to be the right words.
Tereza F.
I just think of what the characters would do in the moment you’re stuck. Or what could happen. The best excuse when you don’t know what to write is, that somebody phoned them. It’ll totaly chsnge the mood and you’ll get into it!
Bernarda Z.
I take a look at my day and analyze what I did and how I felt when I did those things. If there were any points of deep negativity, I try my best to improve on my actions that led me there. Motivation has always been a struggle for me, but when I recognize where I could improve, it helps me write down goals for the future.
Joyce Z.
When I don’t know what to write, I ask someone for advice such as a trusted friend, or I take some time to myself to reflect and brainstorm new topics and ideas to write about. Here are some things you can write about: your life goals, how your day went, meal prep/plans for the week, etc. I’m sure you can find more with a quick google search 🙂
Paridhi F.
Maybe wait for a little and then write what you did because it will give you more time to enjoy your life and find something to write about as well!
Pablo Y.
I put on my favourite spotify playlist and listen and relax and think about my dad and what i did. Then i go through my emotions i had throughout the day and channel those emotions into writing either in my Journal, Diary and my books!! So next time u dont know what to right do this! It helps alot!
Mattie Z.
I just start writing whatever it is the my pen is doing when it starts to write on paper I just let my pen do the talking.
Yug X.
I do write. Even if I don’t have words, even if I don’t want to have words, or I am tired after spending my time delaying my work and wasting, or I don’t want to describe how bad my day was. I do write. I write when I woke up what I did afterwards, where I messed up. Don’t just write, but Talk.
Sabah U.
I just write about my plans for the day. It can start with a list and usually I have thoughts about that list which become prompts for writing more. This helps me work through any challenges and I have and plan in advance how will deal them.
Pero Y.
Honestly I don’t really know.. sometimes i play games or listen to music or just sit there and think about my life, the mistakes that i have made in the past, the things i should have done better
Ashley Y.
My favorite journaling warm-up is to do a Brain Dump of anything and everything currently on my mind. I find that it frees up space for me to be more thoughtful about what I actually want to journal about.
Johanne Y.
Describe an object or how something makes you feel. If you get mad because you can’t write anything, write about that. Think of A bad memory and analyse why it was bad and how you can improve it or how you would have felt it it happened again.
Noah J.
I go for a walk or read a book to get inspiration. Sometimes, it can even be a quote that you read somewhere or a fleeting thought you had that you think is noteworthy.
Edgar C.
I write about things I hope to happen, things that has happened before, my love life, things from days before and memories
Yusra F.
When it comes to journaling , I usually ask myself what had I been thinking about recently and write that down . And in between I ask myself simple questions like " Why am I thinking that ?" , "What does it mean?" , "What should I do about that ?". And I successfully untangle my thoughts that way even though it requires practice to be able to do that properly
Ipshita F.
Just write what your mind says even if it sounds dumb someday you’re gonna look back at it and be happy.Write daily at least try to
Jon X.
I just star asking myself questions for tomorrow. Remember you are yourself and you have a subconscious that you should always communicate with.
Zahraa Y.
Take a deep breath, filter the sounds around you, focus on your inner wound, and give it a try.
If it doesn't work, try tomorrow.
C Lia P.
I think about my feelings the good and the bad and write them. Sometimes I write about what made me angry, the things I can't say or just how my day went.
Gabe J.
Free-flow thoughts. Write down everything and anything that comes to mind. You can sift through and make sense of it after it is recorded.
Kathy W.
What I do is write what I am feeling in that moment. What I feel more than what I think. I put my emotions especially if I am feeling frustrated or angry. That helps me relax and release what is pent up inside myself.
Bentley U.
I mean, you don’t always have to write something. You could even just write “Today was good” or “Today was bad”. It doesn’t always have to be a couple paragraphs. It’s just good to write down how you felt about that day, even if that just means at absolute face value.
Moon X.
I don’t write🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Just kidding.
Honestly when I don’t know what to write about my feelings or a reflection of a quote or a habit or whatever, I start using my memory and reflect on a certain moment in the day..like how I felt when I spent sometime chitchatting with my friends.. how I felt after a certain situation ..of course I will not be able to remember my feelings at every certain moment of the day but I will remember the most obvious moments that affected my mood that day and the moments that I found myself thinking about more and more.
Livio E.
When I don’t want to write I tell myself if I did write it’s mostly about school than my personal life and what I did through out the day.
Farwa N.
Just don't write. You don't HAVE to write everday and encase yourself in rules and deadlines so much that you have no room to breathe, just write when ya feel like it!
Lorna P.
I look into my heart
I begin with something simple and it grows. This is for my benefit, not for anyone else so it doesn’t matter no one will judge what I say. I try to be honest with myself and I cannot muster anything to write I’ll look at why and record that
Grace C.
When I don’t know what to write about Usually brainstorm and use my imagination.Otherwise,I might even list things
I’m grateful for.
M Rvio S.
I mostly let my impulsive thoughts win I guess. I will write about the first thing that came to my mind when I feel like writing. It's not about the context for me, it's about the willingness we have to do things even when we don't know what exactly we are doing .
Albert Y.
Don't think About it. The more you think about it the harder it gets to write. Take a break and it will all come to you
Audrey C.
when i don’t know what to write, i usually close my eyes and write down the first thing that sines to mind. or, i will research prompts on pinterest, google, etc.
Jeslyn X.
I just write what I am thinking and feeling of in that moment. Sooner or later, I will dive deeper into my emotions and out will come a long paragraph about my day and my feelings.
Selma A.
I have found that the lack of a blank page helps me write when I am at a lid for words. I often find it helpful to write about anything to fill the blank page and start the flow of words.
Carrie P.
Put yourself in a calming vibe and put pen to paper and let it flow don’t judge what you are writing or how it is being written just let it flow eventually you will guide yourself into writing much luck and love
Hazel N.
then don’t write, do your things first, during that time u may find emotion, motivation, knowledge and experience to share or to ask; in case the writing u said is needed in a particular time, go searching
Jaaslyn S.
When I don’t know what to write I’ll usually look for journaling prompts online or draw out my thoughts. Most of my journaling prompts come from Pinterest but there are other websites and apps that have prompts too. Sometimes if I don’t feel like writing I’ll sometimes draw out my thoughts or just draw anything to ease my mind. It’s usually something small like stick figures, clouds, plants, etc.
Guada A N.
When I don't know what to write I write my mental conversation with myself, even if it's just writing that I don't know what to write about. I talk to myself with kindness and tell myself that it doesn't matter what I write about, even if it seems simple or childish, it still makes me happy to share time writing with myself.
Maiuka N.
I just write whatever I’m thinking. Sometimes while I’m doing that I realize an orthographic error and then call my self attention registering by writing ant then I push myself to remember what was I going to write.
Dalin X.
I know this is probably about journaling, but I’m going to also include some creative writing techniques at the end in case it can help.

for journaling: I use an app that has prompts and then I find one that can get me thinking — hopefully it will lead to something more introspective. It doesn’t always lead to an in-depth though, but at least then you wrote *something* and you maintain the habit.

for creative writing: I always suggest focusing on characters when you get stuck or have writer’s block. You can get as detailed as you want — and don’t be afraid to write things even if you know it won’t make it into the final draft. You can write essentially fanfiction about your own work — the characters in different environments, or with parts of the story changed. I’ve also done this thing where I got this journal with interesting prompts and answered it from the characters’ perspective.

Sina P.
I just give up, I there’s nothing in my head, but at the same times there’s a millions things in my head, I just don’t know where to start.
Herman U.
I just think about it for a little while and if I can’t think of something, I will write about random things like my favourite food or something like that.
Halle W.
When I find it hard to write, I just say what happened that so far that day. And how those things made me feel. Especially when it comes to your Fabulous set routines. How did drinking water feel, how did exercising feel, or whatever tasks you have. For example:

Today I drank water and ate oatmeal. The water right when I got up made me feel a little dizzy because I’m not used to this habit yet. But the oatmeal really fueled my body and I feel like I’m ready for the day

Lina T.
I always think scribble something but that always proves me wrong as i sheets with nothing to write still i love to write