What do you do when you don’t know what to write?

Goni U.
I say download Pinterest it gives you a bunch of notebook ideas and has aesthetic recipes wallpapers and more it's generally a great app also general advice write your notes and give like tiny time capsules for like the day you start journaling the capsule to day 100 or 50 of journaling I make it look nice so it's just more fun to do it give yourself goals and stick pictures of you with tape and see how you evolve

Clayton Z.
I just write about what I did today. How I feel. What I need to improve in. What I can do the next day to do better. Maybe potential plans for tmrw

Amelie J.
Write about what you see around you, or what you did that day or the day before. Write about your hopes and dreams and goals.

Laurete P.
i personally write down what i’m looking forward to that day, or the things i need to do such as things work i need to do, or working on a project

Jonathan Z.
I try to get some inspiration. I usually go walking and think of everything that comes to mind and then when the right thing comes to mind i stop writing it and then it just comes yk.

Gerry U.
When you don’t know how to answer a question or you feel like it doesn’t suit you right now just write anything on your mind! if it’s hard to start, bullet points are great

Carey X.
I pick up a nice pen. One which feels good to hold and smooth to write. The pen starts for me beginning the first words that come. The love of a good pen links with my creativity and the writing flows.

Lotte F.
You write about what your grateful about, what you think about the day or what you feel confident about. You can even write a few affirmations or quotes to help you get through your day. You can write anything that will help you get through your day. Something is something and it keeps you motivated.

Lisa B.
You write what comes to you and pray it’s in alignment with his will and hopefully best case scenarios you help someone out.

Nat N.
I just start to reflect on my day and what I did. Then I normally start to go into detail about certain things and how they made me feel. And then I wrote about the thoughts I had during the day and try to identify why I had them and why they made me feel that way.

Julian Z.
Even if you think you don’t know what to write especially in your journal. Just list what happened that day how things made you feel and how you are doing. You will find something to write about just like me right now I didn’t know what to write about at first but I figured it out

Melissa P.
When I’m not sure what to write. I take a deep breath and think of what I’m grateful for. These are usually people in my life, or recent opportunities. That usually triggers some thoughts to reflect on. Or I write encouraging words to keep me motivated.

M Lissa Y.
Let random thoughts through my head and write anything that comes to mind down whether it’s about science or PE or anything just let random thingsFlow through and write them down like bullet points.

Ulha C.
I will at least write my goals for the day, (it may be as simple as eat well, or a bigger goal) how I can achieve that goal, and how I feel about the goal. Is it a top priority, something I want to do, need to do, etc.

Kiwi N.
I will end up just blurting out whatever I’m thinking in my head. Eventually I begin to have some ideas and i’ll branch off to follow them

Nelly O.
I think about it, but mostly only thinking is a bad decision. Write what’s on your mind. Don’t think about making mistakes. Let the pen write what’s on your mind

S G.
What I do when I don’t know what to write is just start writing anything. It can be something that is bothering me, something weird that just happened or something as boring a “I did nothing today.” But once I start writing, even if it is once sentence a day, I eventually get better at writing what is on my mind even if it doesn’t make perfect sense.

Fatma N.
just close your eyes and dream about you, just you, and ask yourself which life that you really deserve after all this pain

Len Cia Q.
I usually write about my day, something good that happened or even something not so good. It helps because if I look back, half of the not so good stuff I don’t even really remember and it’s not that important. (Usually a hard day with my 5 year old)

270 F.
I look at the Question and instead of beating around the Bush I give relevant answer to the Question even if it takes time for me to come up with an answer..

Alberte P.
I just kinda of do a brain dump. I write out what I need to do that day and how I will do it. As well as my emotions surrounding that work.

Emily U.
I reflect on myself and found what I have achieved that day, and how that will affect my days later on. With this, I am able to read my past journal and compare it to my state now, only to find myself changing for the better and improve as time pass. This allows me to keep track on my action and stay motivated to complete a goal that I have in mind. However, there are times where I reflect on my state of mind and things that I found upsetting or uncomfortable to feel. Letting those emotions flow is the best way to let yourself accept these puffy feelings.

Barbara Q.
I don't usually write a lot, only what I did and how I was feeling during the day. Even when you don't do anything you can write: 'I didn't feel well so I spent most of the day in bed.'

Jen J.
Start with maybe something personal like a fond memory if it’s something fictional you could always build off of something like that but if you’re writing personally it could really help to get in touch with your emotions and where they come from. Questions like why and when are the best to figure out stuff like that.

Irmhild U.
When I don’t know what to write I either come back to it later or just start off with something small or a little off topic

Asmita P.
I let my inner child talk to me as a loving parent. I ask her what does she want to talk about today and let her open up about her feelings and thoughts

Thaina Q.
Geralmente eu fico refletindo sobre o tema, tento dividir o assunto em partes ou tópicos que eu sei que são importantes posta ajudar a formar o contexto que preciso

Morin B.
I sit in silence for a little while and just let my mind wander. Then I pick the thing that bothers me the most and start writing it down.

Silvano F.
I will find a template and try to fill it out if I don’t know what to do. The most important thing is to write down something.

Aryan G.
If I don't know what to write
I write about my self about my family and about my behaviour and people around me how they behave and react

Adora P.
I start watching some of my favourite shows or reading some of my favourite books to get inspiration and to study similar characters to my own. Since I usually write fabrication I like to dive back into the original to find loopholes that I could expand upon.

Claudia P.
When I don’t know what to write I write motivational quotes and reflect on yesterday to visualize how I want today to be like.

Eiurlan P.
I take time to reflect on the topic/question and think of what I could say to begin my writing. If I don’t know exactly what to say, I write about the first thing that comes to my mind.

Riyah J.
When I don't know what to write, I start with a quick a quick a “brain dump"; This is where I take 30 seconds to 1 minute and write down random words or shapes or anything that is in my mind at all. Once finished that, I like to try and write down gratitude to help me feel stronger to get through the day as well as a simple written out organization or a “schedule” of some sort to help me feel on top of things. Sometimes when I don’t know what to write and these prompts aren’t working for me, I will just write in my journal that I don’t know what to write and how that in itself is making me feel.

Ac Lio I.
When I don’t know what to write, I let my fingers pour out of whatever comes out of my mind. This could have nothing to do with the question. But i let it fill the screen with anything that i can think of. it lets me wrote down anything i want to remember and always is quite therapeutic because i can talk about how i feel about it.

Malthe C.
I just start writing out my daily routine, starting from the second I wake up, until the second my head touches the pillow. I've used journal prompt generators in the past, as well.

Joless N.
just don’t. do not force yourself neither your brain and feel free to rest or to do whatever your body and your head are asking

Sahar X.
I just think for like 5 seconds then write whatever comes to my mind even if it's not related. First days I just wrote one word. I think words keep coming when we let them be free.

Stacey E.
Just write about your day and your emotions throughout the day. If you really can’t think of what do put, just put how you’re feeling right now.

Roberto F.
It doesn’t happen, because I write for living and have a flow. What I would do is to close my eyes, tune into myself, ask a question ‘how do I feel’, and listen. Answer with one word, that is enough of an entry, even for the entire day.

Warren E.
I write in my prayer journal anything that comes to mind, any person or place I pray for them and it gives you an entirely different connection with people if you pray for them

Kiara E.
I will just write literally whats on my mind to start then eee where it goes. For instance it might start as " So im sitting here at 7:03 a.m and want to write in my journal because it's therapeutic for me but my mind is blank. I dont even know what I want to write. Everyone is still asleep right now and im just enjoying this moment of peace, and gratitude I'm awake." Etc and so on. I literally just brain dump when I dont know exactly what I'd like to write. It'll usually come up while im writing, or, I might at least laugh at it when I come back to read it later. Anyway, I hope this was helpful ❤️

Clara F.
Just literally write the first thing that comes to mind about your day. Some days I just write “work good, love family”.

Carmen U.
When you don’t know what to write remind yourself how far you’ve come on your journey any small changes you have made are a sign that you have the power to change into a better lifestyle so motivate your future self to carry on and make changes for the better.

Riya I.
i have 2 questions ready..
in the morning .. how do you feel?
and at night .. how was your day ?
just answer those.. once you start writing , the flow will begin and you’ll keep continuing..
also there are certain questions/topics of journalling u’l get on Pinterest. you can try those too.

Mila Y.
Try not to force it. Taking some time to do other tasks is a great way to alleviate a writing block; the time spent working on another task usually allows your mind to come up with something in the background.

Kenadi S.
When I am tapping into my journaling time and find myself stuck on what to write I tend to write exactly what I am thinking of in that very moment. If I just took my pup out for a walk, I’ll write about how goofy he is and how grateful I am that he makes me smile. I start to write things I am grateful for that happened that day. Something as simple as taking my first breath of the day to not breaking my toe when I stubbed it on my dresser. XD

Abel Q.
i usually start with a stream of consciousness ramble or a detailed description of where i am in that moment. sometimes a detail from that ramble will catch my interest and i’ll start writing a more structured exploration of that detail. sometimes this will end up being genuinely good or interesting, but not always. sometimes you just have to accept that you’re not going to write something brilliant every time, and you try again later.

Rusu N.
I am thinking about what i have done in the day. And i write all about it. How it made me feel, what thing made me have the strongest feeling (either good or bad) etc. I let my brain expose everything. There isnt anything that can be ‘wrong’ in your own journal. So let everything that you think, flow! That’s when you get clarity.

Celina U.
I never know what to write, so I start with the facts. What happened? Where did I go and who did I see? Was there a bug in my room that I managed to squish without screaming? Usually from there, I’ll start feeling things about what happened. Maybe I had a student ask me a particularly hard question today and I really had to think about not only the answer for them, but what it means to me and how that effects others. For me, the facts precede the feelings, and the right words come last. In the end though, it doesn’t matter what you write. As long as there are words on the page at the end of the day, then you’ve won. Whatever words they are, as long as they’re truthful, are going to be the right words.

Tereza F.
I just think of what the characters would do in the moment you’re stuck. Or what could happen. The best excuse when you don’t know what to write is, that somebody phoned them. It’ll totaly chsnge the mood and you’ll get into it!

Bernarda Z.
I take a look at my day and analyze what I did and how I felt when I did those things. If there were any points of deep negativity, I try my best to improve on my actions that led me there. Motivation has always been a struggle for me, but when I recognize where I could improve, it helps me write down goals for the future.

Joyce Z.
When I don’t know what to write, I ask someone for advice such as a trusted friend, or I take some time to myself to reflect and brainstorm new topics and ideas to write about. Here are some things you can write about: your life goals, how your day went, meal prep/plans for the week, etc. I’m sure you can find more with a quick google search 🙂

Paridhi F.
Maybe wait for a little and then write what you did because it will give you more time to enjoy your life and find something to write about as well!

Pero Y.
Honestly I don’t really know.. sometimes i play games or listen to music or just sit there and think about my life, the mistakes that i have made in the past, the things i should have done better

Jon X.
I just star asking myself questions for tomorrow. Remember you are yourself and you have a subconscious that you should always communicate with.

Zahraa Y.
Take a deep breath, filter the sounds around you, focus on your inner wound, and give it a try.
If it doesn't work, try tomorrow.

Bentley U.
I mean, you don’t always have to write something. You could even just write “Today was good” or “Today was bad”. It doesn’t always have to be a couple paragraphs. It’s just good to write down how you felt about that day, even if that just means at absolute face value.

Moon X.
I don’t write🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Just kidding.
Honestly when I don’t know what to write about my feelings or a reflection of a quote or a habit or whatever, I start using my memory and reflect on a certain moment in the day..like how I felt when I spent sometime chitchatting with my friends.. how I felt after a certain situation ..of course I will not be able to remember my feelings at every certain moment of the day but I will remember the most obvious moments that affected my mood that day and the moments that I found myself thinking about more and more.

Farwa N.
Just don't write. You don't HAVE to write everday and encase yourself in rules and deadlines so much that you have no room to breathe, just write when ya feel like it!

Grace C.
When I don’t know what to write about Usually brainstorm and use my imagination.Otherwise,I might even list things
I’m grateful for.

M Rvio S.
I mostly let my impulsive thoughts win I guess. I will write about the first thing that came to my mind when I feel like writing. It's not about the context for me, it's about the willingness we have to do things even when we don't know what exactly we are doing .

Audrey C.
when i don’t know what to write, i usually close my eyes and write down the first thing that sines to mind. or, i will research prompts on pinterest, google, etc.

Jeslyn X.
I just write what I am thinking and feeling of in that moment. Sooner or later, I will dive deeper into my emotions and out will come a long paragraph about my day and my feelings.

Carrie P.
Put yourself in a calming vibe and put pen to paper and let it flow don’t judge what you are writing or how it is being written just let it flow eventually you will guide yourself into writing much luck and love

Elaine P.
I reflect on what has happened in the past day or week. Significant events that happened to you and such things. I find that it is easier to write when you have a specific feeling tied to a certain topic.

Ashley Y.
My favorite journaling warm-up is to do a Brain Dump of anything and everything currently on my mind. I find that it frees up space for me to be more thoughtful about what I actually want to journal about.

Yusra F.
When it comes to journaling , I usually ask myself what had I been thinking about recently and write that down . And in between I ask myself simple questions like " Why am I thinking that ?" , "What does it mean?" , "What should I do about that ?". And I successfully untangle my thoughts that way even though it requires practice to be able to do that properly