are bullet journals worth it or do they cause too much of a hassle?

Ida Y.
My brain cannot possibly juggle everything it needs to each day. Journaling is a quick effective way to get it all down in one place and center my thoughts. Being less rigid with the structure allows for creative embellishment and a less pressured approach to setting daily goals. Definitely worth it.
Gabriel P.
Sometimes they add more stress and hassle. I think one overall entry or a few would be better than one for every category. That’s how I feel today, ask me again tomorrow, lol.
Desiree B.
They are definitely worth it, I've been doing mine for 4 months now and I'm way more productive and efficient. Pinterest helps a lot if your stuck on what to put in your journal. It doesn't have to be perfect, just make it you, how you like it. Hope this helps 😊