Do you think it okay to skip writing in your journal some days?

Austin J.
for me, writing in my journal is the best way to organize my thoughts. if i were to even miss a day at this point, i’d feel like i’d have too many thoughts an direction emotions tangled up inside my mind with nowhere to go. it’s not good to keep things bottled up which is why i think it’s so good to put them all down on paper at least once a day.
Megan Y.
If the day was particularly bad, yes. But if it was a pretty typical uneventful one, no. Sometimes its just boring to write the same things every day.
Caitlin Q.
I used to think so, but this app seems to be making me aware that even if you don't feel like it you should try. I find if I'm in a bad mood I don't want to write in my journal, but after I do I tend to feel better. It's a way to acknowledge your negative thoughts and then find a positive way of thinking to move past them.