How many pages of journal you write each morning?

Randy O.
I write in the evening. Things im gratefoul for, thoughts about the day, next goal i want to archive, quote /letter to motivate my self.
Nora Y.
Two pages. My journaling is more for productivity than reflection but the journaling allows me to see what I am lacking. Also, let’s me see what are my priorities sit.
Amber U.
It varies, sometimes a side.of A4
Sometimes just a couple of sentences . Also I try hard not to think about it but to just write what comes
Sjoerd U.
Just a few sentences. I answer a few important questions everyday. Questions like: 'why is today going to be a great day' or: 'what am I grateful for today?', 'which persons give me a warm feeling?' and 'what is my energy level right now?', 'what keeps my mind busy right now?'
I don't think you should think in quantity (how many pages or words) but in quality (like answering questions important to you)
Mitch S.
I usually only write about half a page. I find the practice of journaling, not the length of the writing to be the most important part.
C N.
Depends completely on the morning. Minimum is always a page but some days it can be 10 pages! On average it is 3 pages. Each morning the sign on is always the same as is the sign off.