Is there a prominent topic that you constantly write about?

Jc Y.
I usually write about how my day went and my feelings or emotions throughout especially if something really bothered me or made me really happy. I always write down 3 things I am thankful for and 3 goals I have for the day. I write about something that inspires me or what I appreciate about my body or self. I also like to log what I eat, what I did for exercise or movement, and what my mood was for the day.
Becky U.
I write to process. I have a lot of trauma in my life so I write about that a lot. Definitely more than things that make me happy. I've been abused by almost everyone in my life and I live a life of stress, so I write to process that abuse and stress. It helps to know where I've been so I know where I'm going.
Elizabeth C.
I feel that I started using it with a view to recording my successes. However it has started to become a book where I vent my frustrations where I say things out loud that I would not say to others. Hopefully it will start me on the path were I can make changes about the things I do not like about life just now.
Jodi Q.
I approach my journal from the perspective of free writing in which I am allowed to write about anything in any way. I’m not allowed to worry about technical concerns, like spelling and punctuation, and when I’m finished unloading in my journal, I’m forbidden from looking back at what I’ve written. This approach gives me the permission to write with liberation from my internal critic and my own judgement.