Should I really do it everyday? Because sometimes I feel like I’m saying pointless things

Jose Q.
I sometimes feel the same as you, like I’m writing pointless things. When that happens I take time to think on something better to write and I believe those are the key moments of journaling.
Maria Q.
find a way to buy into what you’re doing. Keeping asking “why” (5+ times) to dig deep into your motivation for completing the action or end goal. Make that end goal trait/habit/etc a part of your identity. You ARE a runner. Or your ARE someone who meditates. It’s who you are/become on a fundamental level. It’s the lens you see the world through. It won’t feel pointless after that.
Henry P.
Yea definitely. I say it’s important because it helps you create new habits. If you realize it or not, as you’re repeating these things to yourself you create a habit and allow yourself to keep pushing yourself towards a stronger and better and stronger version of yourself.