What should I journal about outside of just documenting my everyday life?

Rafael A.
Thoughts that are constant in your mind. Thoughts that are bombarding you. How your inner emotions about your outside life is affecting your health physically and mentally. Also, dreams you have had or are having.
Joseph N.
Any thing you want. You can journal about life, somewhere you want to go, make a list, describe what a perfect day would look like for you, something new you did today, something you want to try, your thoughts, your problems, your emotions, memories, dreams you had, etc.
Tomekia Z.
Hello! This morning I hope all is well!
What you could journal about besides everyday life are the things you want in your future as well as now. You could journal about where you would love to visit someday and the type of folks you see yourself interacting with “likeminded” folks. I love journaling about what I would love to do later in my life as well! I journal about how I would love to see my businesses growing, all the things I’m grateful for from the smallest things like waking up, having clean water to use, the pillow that I slept on, grateful for the covers for keeping me warm, grateful for the cup I drank out of, whatever I can think, feel, want or any desires I have or would love to accomplish. There’s plenty to journal about when you actually think of everything you appreciate and have in your life that may seem like nothing but is something! Happy Journaling 😌
Lady Botwin N.
You can track your mood and triggers, then review it once a week. You can also journal about your goals and daily steps towards them!🙂💕
Ucja X.
Honestly I don’t know how other people do it, but I usually have moments to myself, hopefully each day, when I look back to some old memories or establish some goals or boundaries for myself. I like to discuss them again, come back to them in my journal. Don’t know if that’s helpful in any way, but best of luck to you in journaling!
Joless N.
your feelings, positive or negative thoughts, worries, beautiful things happened to you, things you’re grateful for, your to do list, your next goals, things you can improve in your life, things you want to add to your routine, some special thoughts to the closest friends or family members or even pets.. everything that flows into your head
Abigaile U.
About things i do with my friends and what we talk about and what we eat, things we laugh about or cry about. Moments where my friends feel like all i have, or all i need. Times where everything just goes by so fast.