How much do you end up writing in your journal? One line or a few pages?

Oscar Q.
The amount I write in my journal varies depending on the day. There are so many contributing factors to how much I write. The key is to not stop yourself or criticize yourself for what you write. I always put myself in a judgement free, quiet place free from distractions. By doing this, the words and thoughts just flow. Yes, I set aside 10 minutes to write. I always takes the full 10 minutes, never less; but I never stop myself from going over the time. By doing this, i always complete my full thought and finish writing with a feeling of complete satisfaction and peace. I have written anywhere from 5 lines to 6 pages. Sometimes it’s a struggle, but I don’t let that discourage me; there’s always tomorrow. Or any other time I’m feeling the inspiration or need to write.
Alyssa U.
That depends on what I’m writing about. I don’t have a concrete goal for each days journal entry. Sometimes I just list the things I did that day that I want to remember. I think what works best for me is at least having something to put on the page each day is important enough. And building up to a deep writing session maybe 1 time a week is a good start to processing something I’m ready to dive into. That’s just how I journal. I would experiment, there is probably a mix that works for you.