How do you write your feelings in a journal?

Geni N.
Don't think, just do. Like, if you think too much you will second guess and then get antsy and anxious and all that. If you just take a breath and write whatever pops into your head nd run with it. You'll find it much easier.
Lore O.
I write what I think about everyday in the morning, trying to get out all the negative thoughts and feelings and trying to think about all the positive things that are about to happen.
Pauline F.
Draw, write poetry, songs, fragmented thoughts and sentences or I just write word for word what comes to mind like I’m having a conversation on paper.
Jeanne T.
Before I meditate, visualizr and then write. I write about the day long and the perspectives of the day and the feelings about these
Olivia P.
I use a journal called the happiness planner. It comes in regular calendar form as well as specific focused 30-day journals. Both calendar and journals have a lot of good tools for reflection and looking inwards, focus on the right things and track that you’re actually working towards that goal.
Axelle Q.
I usually write my journal when i just woke up, or before i go to sleep. In the morning, i fill my journal with hope, what i want this day gonna be. And in the night, i write everythin' what happens in the day. And also, grateful for the day that i had go through.
Saula Q.
First I write bullet points (fast thinking). Then I elaborate on them and create connections and analysis (slow thinking).
Savannah J.
Just jot down the things that happened thoroughout the day. How you felt when an incident happened. Just keep writing down your thoughts as and when it comes to your mind
Jayden Q.
Write when you feel like it. I find if I force myself to write I can’t. And don’t let apostrophes and periods and any punctuation get in the way. Just write what comes to your mind as you’re sitting there. That’s my advice but you can do whatever is good for you.
Louisa P.
A journal is the place where you can write whatever you want, whatever you feel. It is just you and you. Just write anything that comes to your mind. Express yourself the way you want. No limits. No taboos.
Katarina D.
By reflecting and being able to process the feelings, what they mean to me. Focusing on what matters the most and how to change that feeling if necessary. When it comes to positive thoughts and feelings, embracing them to the fullest
Lillian U.
I personally just start writing any thoughts. Sometimes I ask myself a question like what Am I feeling…
I am a praying person too so I tend to ask Jesus what he thinks of me and that hellos get the emotions out.
Nathana L S.
This is not easy for me to do. I just start writing, but often do not feel that I am adequately able to express feelings. And I feel judgemental about what I write. Guidance appreciated!
Lee F.
i like to think about what happened and how it impacted me and made me feel and i write that down making myself feel better
Tila Y.
I focus on writing what I’m grateful for, what would make the day great, and then reflecting at the end of the day with gratitude and how to improve.
R Mi Y.
I sometimes start by writing down a quote that strikes me; then I expand my own analysis onto a concept that the quote evokes in my mind.
Malou Z.
I am a journal addict. I have over 20. If you don't know where to begin with journaling or what to journal about I would suggest starting with a guided journal and using it after meditation. Your words will flow right into the page without having to put much thought into it
Bertoldo Q.
I do a technique where I write whatever is on my mind down in a physical journal every morning. It's called morning pages. I do not write them on any digital devices, as I believe there is something unique to the analog. It is meant to unclutter your mind and bring clarity to your days.
Alice J.
I write down what i feel as it is then reflect on it why is it that way. If there is something that bothers me. I write it down. It gives me a venue for venting out
Vincent P.
You pick a journal you like and you start writing what comes to your mind.

You can as well have a series of questions you ask yourself every night. This can help redirect your thoughts and give you space for self reflection.

Quentin T.
I just write whatever I'm feeling down on paper. No one else is going to see it unless I share it so it only has to make sense to me. If symbols are your thing draw them… it only matters that you yourself understands its meaning.
Georgia S.
I have found that the easiest way to journal is to try NOT to think too much. Using a "stream of consciousness" technique instead allows my critical mind to get out of the way and stop saying things like "this is silly" or "I don't have time for this" and instead lets me start to get things out like "I feel tired this morning, This is troubling me, I need to do this more…." once you allow yourself to acknowledge what you are feeling especially the not so great feelings, then you are able to start finding solutions to your troubles and discover it was you who can best help yourself all along. I have been journalling in this way almost every day for the last year now. It has truly changed my life, connected me with my creative desires, and been my own personal psychologist. I can't recommend it enough and say. Just start, just put pen to paper and write about anything, don't force it, it will come. Good luck!
Waltrud X.
I usually just write what’s bothering me, look at how I’m feeling. Then comfort myself and reassure myself like a friend or a mother would. All on the page. I walkways feel better afterwards.
Elias Y.
I just write till all the feelings of desire, frustration, angry, anxiety, excitement, passion go away. Then I write questions that I could ans honestly later at the end of the day. What did I do good today? What did I do bad? What could I improve on tom? What are the things you want to say or express? Write them down here without holding back.
Zelo T.
You have to be completely honest. If you dont know where to start just write the first thing that comes into your head and take it from there. Your feelings are not always crystal clear, and it may not always be obvious why you are feeling a certain way, but but taking the time to reflect on your day and the emotions that are you are feeling, you can unravel this. Better still, you can also work towards improvement, especially if your feelings are negative. Even the little things csn have a small impact, so you must make sure to be honest and take your time. You dont have to write ypur life story nor do you need to write for a long time. Just 10 minutes of honest reflection daily can help!
Audrey G.
You just gone start with what you did that day. Then you are gone think more and have more inspo. I started my journal a month ago or something. In the beginnen it was really hard for me to know what to write. But days after I was really started to know how. But the first day/days you can start with what you did that day it wil help. If you did that your gone think about thing you did and can write it about it

I am so sorry if you could not get what I was saying cuzz I am dutch lol

Wel good luck with your journal

Julia U.
I didn’t know how at first
I kept rewriting and editing things but it’s much simpler than that. Just write whatever you think/feel. Don’t think too much about it. It becomes easier
Onira G.
sometimes everything builds up inside me, so i try to release them one by one writing down on my journal. there are days when i have to scold myself and there are also days when i congratulate myself! i also like to write questions down just to reflect on my thoughts and answer it after thinking 💭
Eugenie O.
First I listen to a calming music and just let my mind and my heart control my hand to write everything what I’m feeling.
Anna C.
I write my feelings as if I am speaking to someone else, someone who will never judge me or tell another soul what I say.
Andr A T.
Depends on the feelings and the mood. Usually I write exactly what I’m feeling and I reflect while writing as. Write more. Often times I’ll take a break and come back to the mothers Bc I like to reflect and write more so when I come back to read my writing- I understand where my mind was. I like to incorporate blessings and gratitudes in my entries
Oscar C.

I write the words that describe my feelings …and sometimes I use words to describe what caused the feelings and what are the results of the feelings

Melchior A.
At first I thought it was going to be really hard to write on the journal everyday cause I've tried and failed several times to keep a journal consistently. As I started to do it though, it's getting easier and easier to say exactly what I want to my journal. I just think about how my journal is a friend of mines and I'm venting to them .
Irmino A.
I use a notepad app on my phone. I do it first thing in the morning, then go back to it throughtout the day anytime I have a revelation or helpful thought.
Cassandre Z.
Rule of thumb: don't hold anything back. Just write down whatever's on your mind. This might take a freewriting form, where you write in a stream-of-consciousness fashion. Alternatively, pick a topic and write about it for a few minutes before moving on to another topic. There's really no right or wrong way to do it, but give those tips a try and see what works for you!
Edgar U.
Just write what you want to express. There is no specific way on writing a journal. In my opinion, that’s what makes a journal special, it’s your diary/todo list/buddy. You can write whatever you want, your journal, your way.
Olivia P.
Sometimes I pretend I’m having a conversation with someone else, sometimes I’m talking to myself, other times it’s bullet points or a list. Some days I’ll expand and explain why I’m feeling that way, good or bad. And sometimes I don’t feel like it. There is no right or wrong for me, I just write what I feel is going through my head at the time.
Ludgero Q.
I track it like a temperature gauge. I also try to consider where the root cause for the emotion. I’m working on mental strength.
Asta W.
I usually write a journal daily,sometimes I do the skips. I write it usually as if I was talking to myself in a conversation. I guess sometimes it seems like im talking down to myself writing about my feelings but in a bigger picture it works.
Her Dio E.
I don't think really, I just let my mind flow out through my hand controling the pen like a recorder of my thoughts on paper.
Jonas N.
I do. I write feelings, and doubts, and memories and reflections inside my journal. I always feel better once I do. I feel grateful, or I feel relieved. I am trying to be more mindful to write everyday because I know how good it is for my mind and me as a whole. I just feel better every time. I sometimes forget for days or even weeks, but eventually I always come back to it. I used to feel guilty about forgetting about it for periods of time. Now I’m coming to terms and learning that it’s alright and that when I make the choice on the day and feel grateful for that, it’s just as rewarding and the guilt doesn’t deplete me. I’ve been journaling as part of my morning habit now for 5 mins a day. And it feels great afterwards every time. It declutters my emotions and my mind. It brings me clarity.
Krin F.
I use an app called Mood Meter. It displays various feelings and I identify which I feel I relate in that moment and then write down why I feel that way.
Carl G.
This may sound oversimplified,
Pen and paper and write everything that comes to mind. Whatever. Don’t think just write. Once you have the first letter the rest will flow. There is no wrong answer.
I’m definitely not a writer but If I can so can you,
Happy writing
Same T.
I try to really say what I want to say..I try to verbalize what I am feeling because many times, Im also not aware of what I am exactly feeling. I think it just needs a little honesty..
Matthew W.
I concentrate the most important thoughts of the day and start to develop it into some conclusions or questions to myself. I think it helps me with reflecting, just as a diary in childhood.
Abbie Z.
It can Tongue Tied or Twisted trying to write out your exact feelings but the best way is just to do it as natural as possible and with the least censored you can do
Abdul E.
I was writing in the computer, but I preferred buying a notebook, and use less words. Everyday I complete the same three sessions; Are they:
– What was good/evolutive or fluent;
– What was challenging;
– What was a learning/lesson.
This way I think that will be easier to review.
Kasper X.
I enjoy using a mood app called Daylio on my cell. I keep a gratitude journal & day planner. I also use my artistic& creative side to paint or color my feelings in a form of art.
Marvin E.
I'm not pro at wiring journal but I write about what I personally feel about people, events or subject and whatever goes around me without being judgemental. Then you will be able to know about your tour state of mind. Hope it helps 😊
Regina F.
i like to just pour all my thoughts on the page. it does not have to be organized at all. i usually mess up and end up putting arrows to point it out and i laugh a little. i have journals with guided prompts to help you think about what to weite and it really helps open your mind. i also use the law of attraction and write my big dreams in present tense. it is your journal so you can really do it however you want but i like to write like i am venting to my best friend.
Gregory U.
I start by using one word to describe how I feel and then I journal the Why? Like this morning I was feeling lost so I journaled all my feelings and then created an action plan. Sometimes I’m angry and I end up writing a letter to the person or thing I’m angry with and then I let it go. It’s not for them it’s just my releasing process but when I start journaling my why I usually naturally move past it!
Henrike O.
Be honest with yourself when you write. If you avoid being honest you only fool yourself. I use a journal app. I dont want to type long entries so I don't. My fabulous timer says 5 minutes and I can punch in about 3 paragraphs. No wasted paper.
Silas Z.
This isn’t an easy question. The answer depends on so many things. I have bunch of different things.

What is the purpose of your journaling? Do you want to record what you did on a day to look back at later and see how you felt about things then?

Are you doing a brain dump to help relax before sleeping?

Are you trying to work on a particular area of personal growth… say taking better care of yourself or using it for accountability when changing habits?

Are you trying to see interconnections like this day I exercised and Work went well. This day I didn’t and I couldn’t concentrate?

Is it a spiritual journal where you want to write things that motivate you?

Is it a therapy journal where you explore things that upset you and see if you can find the real issue?

That is the first decision that has to be made before you start. What’s its purpose?

Then deciding what to write is much easier.

I have paper journals. I have journaling apps. Each for a specific purpose. I’m changing my eating habits so I’m tracking what physical changes i’m Noticing so that if I get tempted not to eat healthy I can see what a difference it makes.

I have therapy journal (paper) where I write letters I never send, so I can stop repeating conversations in my head.

I have a journal (again paper) for a very involved technique I’m learning so that I can write down what happens when I do things x way and what happens if I do y, and so I can remember what instructions are.

What do you want from journaling. Figure that out and you’re set.

Valdemar W.
The highlights of the day. Not to much details (I’ve tried and end up giving up because it’s was dull and useless)
I write something that made me sad or angry to get it out of my system. And/or something I’m proud and/or grateful for.
Hope it’ll help, I wish you a nice journey
Stacy G.
FU developers for forcing me to read this without loading my habits. You stink and this app is becoming less and less functional. I am looking for a replacement.
El Na A.
Sometimes I write in my journal as if it were another person that I was talking to. A simple way to start writing when you are at a loss about where to begin is to simply tell the journal how your day was today. It releases those built up emotions you might be feeling.
Eleanor J.
Free form as much as possible. Just get as much into the page as possible. Then I go bs k over it and spend the time to figure out why I feel those feelings, and try to work through them constructively to the best of my ability. If I’m having trouble with this, it’s a sign I need to connect with someone wiser than myself.
Lorenzo Y.
I dictate all of my nightly journals into Evernote with the title if each entry being the date. I talk about each point and action of my day and the result and feelings associated with each. I try to include a gratitude segment as well!
Anton X.
Sometimes when I write my feelings in a journal I just don't think. I write exactly what comes to mind and don't care how it sounds. Other times I put thought into it to make sure I'm describing how I feel, why I feel that way, etc.
Christian O.
It’s unclear to me if you’re question is more practical or psychological:

Practical: click on ‘+ what’s on your mind, (…)? And start writing.

Psychological: just write whatever comes to mind and start from that. Don’t overthink it, there is no right or wrong. And you can always rewrite it when you have more clarity about what you are feeling or what troubles you.

Amelia C.
Daily journal consists of three parts: what am I grateful for, what have I learned (reflection), and what's my purpose for today (goal). Sometimes I contemplate a question. That would be a separate entry from the above.
Beto P.
I write them in my phone as day in the life of or I write personal ones in an actual notebook. Sometimes the best way to feel better is to put pen to paper
Marius X.
Everything that comes to mind should be written with details of what is going on or past experiences that you have had that make you feel a certain way. This is how you write about your feelings In a journal.
Iolita O.
I would like to write my feelings more often. When I write them, I just write what I feel ….eg happy, or angry with somebody, or loving somebody, etc I realised that I write ( and think) more often of negative feelings….that’s definitely something I am planning to change now, that I’ve realized it. From now on I would like to think and feel only nice, positive thoughts and feelings.
Yvonne S.
I usually write them in small but powerful words. I don't like to write about them, because they already take up so much of my energy…
Lylou C.
In the past I Rude out of my feelings, focusing on the negative. I have found that that only grows the negative. The way I currently journal and gratitud rude out of my feelings, focusing on the negative. I have found that that only grows the negative. The way I currently journal Is to focus on gratitude. I write out affirmations. This grows appreciation and confidence!
Josefine F.
I have two journals. One is a question based one, to help me when i feel a bit disconnected and one is a normal one i can use when i am in touch with my feelings.
Bertold U.
It varies: some days I just write key works about how I feel; in other days I write what happened during the day to cause me the feeling(s) when I feel like “downloading” the thought would be helpful.
Edelbert W.
I use the “free flow” method where I first just dump all the thoughts in my head into the paper. Just this process is helpful. From here, I write more specifically about how I might be feelings and then remind myself that it’s just a feeling, which is a response to a thought I’m having. This then gives me an opportunity to look at that thought and decide if it’s serving me or not.
Jandira E.
In the morning right away after waking up from my sleep, I usually express my gratitude, what I feel grateful for, and what I’m going to do at that day. Sometimes, I also write down what I was thinking of yesterday. In the evening, I write my personal journal once again to reflect what I’ve done and what I feel throughout the day. Is there any new lesson?
Alexander E.
I start by describing my day and then by describing how those events made me feel. If I am struggling with something that is more "big picture" i like to whittle it down to the two big emotions, happiness and fear. And then try to figure out what emotions are driving that happiness or fear.
Adam W.
I write the first thing that comes to mind. Anything at all. Sometimes I use the feelings chart you can search online to help pin point complex feelings.
Hailey S.
I write every night before I go to bed. I just pour out what happened that day and let what associated emotions happened come out. I don't start writing with something in mind, I just let it come to me naturally.
Emilia Z.
I write down my thoughts and my thoughts generally include my feelings, I write it as if I were talking to someone but without the social filter, I write wvry thought I have