What sort of things do you consider a waste of time to write in your journal?

Sancia F.
Usually, I have the habit of writing in my journal, 'occasionally'. After signing up for this challenge, i decided to keep track of my thoughts on a daily basis.
So let me tell what you should write, rather than you shouldn't write.
1. Keep track of your mood, multiple entries in aday are okay.
2. Keep it short and sweet, like a few comments on your day, if your day went according to routine.
3. If something extraordinary or exciting or amazing or anything different happened, wrote a more detailed entry describing the memory and the people involved.

Writing pages for a day which went like any other day, is kinda like a waste of time.
Hope this helped!
Bye bye and take care!

Eckhard W.
No such thing! If it's on your mind, it's worth writing out. Sometimes I just feel like journalling my grocery list. Do you, boo.