What are your intentions behind what do you do for yourself to support your personal well-being?

Mc Kenzie Z.
I want to better myself for myself. My well being and my mental state. I also want to better myself for my teammates and friends.
Yvonne J.
I was getting caught up in a lot of negative self talk and was making me anxious,not wanting to really be around people,thinking to much and doing it negatively to myself.I think the meditation and the self coaching is really helping,really trying to work on being present not in past and not worried or anxious about future,I also noticed I wasn’t taking care of myself and then I looked at my husband and I wasn’t taking good care of him either and neither of us really noticed. And I could just see it one day and decided to change that,I felt bad my husband didn’t even notice
Em C.
I do stuff for myself because I have to, but I want to try and change that thinking. I want to look good, feel good, and be nicer to myself. I gotta have better intentions for myself, because at the end of the day, I'm all I've got. 🤷🏻‍♀️
C Lie T.
My most important intention at the beginning was to get better. I really enjoy the daily coachings and now thanks to that I think I am gentler with myself and that has become another intention. It evolves and changes.
Belinda Z.
I want to cultivate self respect. Of course, I have some degree of self respect, but there is room for improvement. I believe self respect, or the lack thereof, sits at the root of our happiness, and, likewise, our self despair.
Self respect is not measuring myself to someone else’s standard, but it is looking back on my behavior with the satisfaction that the actions I performed were appropriate, dignified and honorable.
Self respect leads to the respect of others in my family, my work, my friends, and my community. Perhaps it is weak, but I do like outside validation . Over the years, I ha e come to believe that external validation is positive when you are seeking it from positive people. The best thing I ever did was to cut out toxic people and others who were not good for me. You are the company you keep.
Rafael B.
i was tired of feeling like i wasn’t good enough, my grades were bad and i was wasting away my days doing nothing. i felt that making new, better habits, would help me and unsurprisingly, they are. i wanted to live my life according to me and when you live your life according to your true nature it is like no other feeling.
Laura P.
To become a healthier person and mind body and spirit. To remove the addiction that plagues my mind most of every day. To create better relationships with people that I love and those that have been there for me during my struggles. I intend to develop new habits that will replace the old selfish, substance based habits which continue to destroy me.
Andrew E.
Hi I am currently off work with chronic depression and trying to use this app to enable me to gradually get my life back to normal. I find it real struggle even keeping to this app each day and it's tasks but it is helping on some days which is crucial at present.
Sara P.
I do it to improve the relationships with those around me.
I am a very anxious person, which turns into me snapping or resenting people around me.
Focusing on my well-being allows me to manage that anxiety, and I can be more conscious of the way I behave.
Dominic O.
The intentions behind my support for my well-being is to learn to love myself as a person more and also so that I might be happier as a person and have that be reflected in my daily experiences and exchanges with peiple. Rather than being grumpy and rude because of it I’d rather be happy and pleasent because of ut
Thomas U.
I might misunderstand, but in the past I hated myself. I didn't want to life because life seemed unfair and hard,pointless. The more I felt this way, the more I hated myself for thinking that way. Once I got rock bottom, I saw my life from a different perspective, I realized that if nothing mattered, I could do whatever I wanted and/or felt like doing. I started to rebuild my inner temple, for selfish reasons: to have more vitality, to build more energy, to get more wise, I embraced change and the paradox of life. Now, I try to give to the world, fighting peacefully for a better world and for that I need to better myself, one babystep ať a time.
Izzie S.
My daily goal is to become a better person today than I was yesterday. I can only do that from the inside out. I have to work on cleansing my soul, my spirit, my mind, and all my inner workings to become a better person, and only then will I become a better person outwardly. I’m really working hard, and this morning routine is really helping to shape that.