Is it ok not write in a journal? Sometimes I don’t always have time.

Samantha C.
It’s okay, but it’s not helping anyone when you don’t need make time to check in with yourself. Writing in your journal is the most basic, direct, truly the least you can do to say hi to yourself. Mema always says— “pay yourself first.” In this way, once I dump all that junk into my private pages, a safe space, they make the words easier to come back to when I really need to express them to someone else. And even more useful— they keep me from expressing something that should probably remain inside.
Silke F.
Definitely. I’ve tried to replace it sometimes with either a walk or good conversation with someone. But it is definitely ok to not write in it.
H L Na C.
You know how people say “the best type of exercise is the one you’ll actually do”? Well, in my opinion, the best way to journal is the way that you’ll actually journal. For example, I keep a digital journal in the notes section on my phone for when I’m on the go or don’t have the time or space to write in a notebook. Some people only write in short bullet points because it’s time-efficient. Some people carve out times one or two days a week to journal and commit to it. Some people do any combination of those things, or all of the above. What do you think would work best for you? What way of journaling would best serve you?
N Bia C.
It's easier to make it a habit if you do it daily. You could make it easier by committing to just one sentence a day. If you feel like it, you can always write more.