How do you feel after writing in your journal?

Frederik C.
Right now my journaling consists of a graph journal with little squares for each day, and i have a column of things like "read" "walk" "bake", "take meds", etc, so every day i fill in the squares for the things I've done that day! Gives me a sense of accomplishment while not being super time intensive and easier to build up that habit. When i need to, I'll journal for a few minutes to get things out of my head, but that's not sustainable on a daily basis for me, so the check boxes provide a happy medium.
Yolanda Z.
I feel more structured, since either I wrote down tascs that I need to do throughout the day either that I have already done. Furthermore makes me feel grateful for what I have and to reflect upon small moments that matters and otherwise maybe I would have not noticed or even forget.
Isidor F.
I feel better after writing my own thoughts it’s nice because I don’t have to follow any scheme or care about repetitions or any type of syntax errors one can make
Also, in my experience it’s even better if you journal on a piece of paper and not on a phone or computer and finally I don’t even have a journal I just use random pieces of paper that then I throw away it gives me even more freedom in what I write