Do you decorate your journal?

Wendy Z.
No, because I am not artistic. Something like a bullet journal just is frustration staring back at me. I do better in a structured environment with journal prompts.
J Z.
I never used to decorate my journal but I started doodling on the covers then on my current journal I added a cute decorative paper to the front. I will evolve my decorating skills from small doodles to larger paper and later to decoupage and washi tape. Or maybe a beautiful painting. I want to be more creative and struggle to find my niche in that area. I have never decorated my writing journal because it is beautiful leather flowers painted rainbow.
Krista O.
I used to decorate my journal a lot with lots of stickers and washi tape. But now I don't spend the time to decorate it. I think this is because I'm trying to focus on spending the time to write in it rather than decorate it. However, decorating it would give me a creative outlet which I really enjoy.
Brandon O.
I did not decorate my diary. But that sounds like a good idea. Maybe a little sticker, or a photo that says "This is my space"