Does drawing in your journal about how you felt that day count?

Brian J.
Yes! I would say that any entry is better than none. And art is expression, a way to get your thoughts out but also to meditate and let your mind flow in the same way that words can.

Jessie E.
Yes it Does becuse sometimes people doesn’t want to write about their feelings so the draw, and if you feel sad you maby going to be happy when you draw 🙂

Kalinka C.
For me it does count because i get to express my feelings without causing any harm to anyone which is everything about my goals. It helps me calm down without causing a mess

Rocxer C.
All you got to remember is that its valid, anything you feel right now. Thereafter, you take the necessary action that feels right to you to process & reflect.

Muneet Q.
Yes because it can be a way to express your feelings through words or drawing as long as you are happy and grateful for yourself.

Kaat N.
Of course, it’s more about creating a moment of reflection and recollection of your day than the actual action of writing for me

Marin Z.
You should also know that for me it's really an important action because it helps you unload, for example today I had a hard day, I drew what I felt and I freed myself

Genevieve M.
I think that should count. The journal is there so you can express your feelings, and art is a form of expression. Sometimes I write songs in mine.

Nour R.
Drawing is good for you. It is exercise for the eyes, hands, and mind and it can be a form of visual thinking, an outlet for emotions, and a record of a moment in time.
The act of drawing slows you down. When you draw, you take the time to really look at something, to analyze it and reproduce it. You’re not simply taking a photo and moving on to the next image. You become very aware of form, proportion, and color. You come to understand light and shadow and how they reveal and define form. This awareness translates into other areas of life as well.

Jeremiah O.
Yes of course if you are doing as your way of expressing your feelings but if you are considering it to be like a perfect art piece then it can be really challenging. I have always felt to do these things in idealised way but it should always be done in your customized way or what suits you the best at the moment.

Johan P.
Yes. It can help you express your feelings in a way words can’t. It’s your journal, so you can make it yours however you want

Dylan G.
I would say it does. For someone like me, drawing is not the best way for me to convey my feelings though for another it may be sufficient.

Lisuarte Q.
I think it does. Sometime there are no words to express how a person feels. Or maybe you can find the words but they just don't feel like it's enough. Art has always been a form of expression, so why not use it when you need to express yourself most.

Johnny R.
For sure. If I understood you right u mean the picture of my notebook I bought? I have a purple crystal with golden pieces. I can link it with my feeling. I think am as beautiful as this rock. And shiny the same way. And can bring satisfying for people

Giulia T.
I think it does as it gives you time to reflect on how your day was and how your feeling the way you want to and I think it can feel really nice to add drawings about what your feeling to your journal 😊

Sarai R.
Yes, it does. Some people are better at drawing than at writing, or they just feel more like that in a specific moment. If you can express your feelings in drawings is maybe better.

Hadassah P.
In my opinion yes because I like drawing and sometimes when I draw in my journal, it represents my feelings during that day and helps me to calm down so I think it’s part of something you should do your journal

Shawn S.
Yes, i feel drawing an emotion as an object can help me feel a sense of closure for the day. It can also count as a relaxing session too.

Samaia N.
Yes as one picture can replace thousands of words and a picture may show more meaning based on the perspective of a person

Liliana W.
yes! Drawing is another way to express how you feel. I do it like that sometimes. It works perfectly. it is nice to show some emotions on paper in anyway.

Wes N.
Yes, I think so. Whether thru my words or artwork, I’m still expressing how I’m feeling and where “I'm at” – it doesn’t matter what the medium or the tool(s) I use to express myself. Sometimes the feel of the pen in my hand just keeps me writing, writing, writing. Other times specific pictures or even a design can better reflect my mood. I go with the flow!

Alice S.
yes!!!! absolutely!!!!! anything that you do to increase your mindfullness counts and is important!

everyone processes emotions/encounters/life in different ways- it’s fine if your journal reflects that and looks different than other peoples

Vincent W.
um YES!! i showed my therapist my journal, full of drawings, notes, important things, silly things, doodles, thoughts, and anything you could think of. we talked about why it calmed me and at the end of it all i was happy to conclude that my journal is a physical version of my brain!! sometimes, when your brain feels like it is going 100 miles per hour, it helps to express it in any way you can. your brain works in a non linear way, and by putting any of the mumble jumble up there down into a paper, in any way, is awesome and will help you figure out what’s going on up there.

Nupur W.
Absolutely, drawing shows your creative side and helps you hype up, like a simple smiley or flower etc can motivate you more.

Ivy Z.
Yes, it pretty much counts. Coz drawings have meanings as well. A drawing could also describe a situation in ways which words cannot describe

Milan N.
I absolutely think so! Journaling is not only a collection of thoughts as words, it’s your form of self-expression. Whether that’s a paragraph, poem, story, metaphors, doodles, comics, etc. If it feels right to you and helps you de-stress, it’s just fine!

Elisabeth E.
It does count. It will give you time to think about what you did that day and the mistakes and good choices you made. And when you do it, it makes you feel better somehow.

Alwin O.
Yes. For some people, drawing in a journal or a notebook use the same creative flow that writing in a journal does. The only difference is that drawing is more of an aggressive(?) Form of creativity than writing is, meaning that with drawing, you can immediately put down colors and shapes, which are commonly linked to thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, while writing might need more time to thoroughly think through what needs to be said. For some.people, drawing in a journal might be even better form of emotional communication and documentation than writing in a journal. If this is you, go right ahead and scribble that journal with your own shapes and colors. 😀

Isaac U.
Yes. Drawing your feelings is a great way to better understand how you really feel and give you more of a chance of overcoming negative feelings.

Nova N.
Yeah definitely! Drawing is a way of expressing yourself, so it is completely valid! Its also your journal, there are no rules to follow 🙂

Nurten O.
Yes it counts, your expressing your day threw drawing. Besides, its more important to be consistent, so if drawing will help you stay more consistent with journalling then its what you should do.

Savannah T.
Hi there! Answering to your question, I think, yes! All kinds of self-expression count, including writing, drawing or whatever your mind can come up with. The thing is, I believe, to show what you feel, no matter which way is used to do it. So, enjoy your day and let all your feelings be heard 😉

Eduardo R.
Absolutely. It’s all about getting how you feel on paper. Some days it may be a long paragraph about how the day went. Other times you may have to use a photo to explain it. Sometimes a photo can bring back the memory too

Jed I.
Yes I think that writing in my journal of how I felt that day would make a change to your next day as I feel that if I was sad and not having a good day I would then try and make it better the next day. But if I am feeling great that day I would think that what can I do the next day that would make me feel even more confident

Shany P.
It does count, cause at the end it’s about letting out how you feel and keep a record of the progress you’ve been doing. Do what works for you

Melisa B.
A picture is worth a thousand words! Sometimes it’s easier to show emotion and your current thought process through drawing it rather than putting words to it. Some feelings, you just can’t put into words.

Tim S.
of course, art is also a way of expressing one's emotions and thoughts, and describing events. art is definitely a valid way to let out your feelings from that day!

Teahelahn X.
It is perfectly okay to draw what you feel. What counts more than anything is your making the time to reflect, and take time for yourself. Challenge yourself to dig deeper if you feel drawn to do so!

Candace J.
Drawing in my journal does count because it still gives me that releif and sense of understanding that writing in my journal does.

Jumana N.
Yes, you’re expressing your emotions and what you have felt that day by drawing. Some people express their emotions by writing, singing, or whatever they love doing. If drawing is your thing and it relaxes you, then do it.

Cameron C.
Yes. When I draw, I am usually blanking with my vocabulary, or I don’t know what to write. It always comes back to me as a learning experience. And it’s something I can look back at! It all connects and flows like the channel of glory

Isabella F.
I personally think that counts drawing makes me feel I’ve expressed myself on paper. It’s almost as therapeutic as writing.

Nerci S.
Yes. Drawing about your feelings in your journal really pays off. Explore your deepest thoughts and feelings about your experiences when you draw in your journal.

Sophia O.
Drawing in your journal about how you felt that day counts as journaling because you’re reflecting on your day/feelings, and expressing your emotions. Isn’t that what journaling is about?

Elisa T.
I believe it does because that’s another form of expression. It doesn’t have to always be written. As long as you can reflect on it then you are fine.

Casey C.
Writing in my journal allows me to clear my mind and realize that what’s important in my life I already have …. I’m not a judge or a jury but neither are people who believe that can belittle me or take things upon me , I gave coco my get outta jail free card from my monopoly game without having to snitch so hopefully I don’t get into any real trouble , being a homebody is really important to me .

Brittany F.
Of course it does! I do it all the time. Sometimes I don’t have energy to string a sentence together, so I’ll let the pen glide into an image or whatever I feel like drawing.

Ryan O.
Not only does it count, I think it's a great idea. In fact, I'm going to do that right now. But I think writing is the technique to be 100% accurate.

Clayton U.
Of course at least on my oppinnion. Sometimes I can't say how I feel and then drawing is the best solution to get those things out of my chest. Even when they are good things or not that good. Keep going!

Rachel F.
Yes, a picture is worth at least a thousand words. The raw emotion that can be expressed through artisitic creation is in my opinion, far surpassing that of the limits of language, bith written and spoken. The finite aspect of language restricts us to a certain extent, whereas a picture that you birth from your mind into the materium is an expression of true creativity. This is not to say that writing is not important, rather the chaotic potentiation of creating art is harmonic with the orderful structure of writing. Together, they can express and illuminate any concept, embody and embolden any idea.

Lydia E.
No i don't. I only write down what happened through the day. I'm not good at drawing so I don't draw. But I think I will try to.

Jessica P.
I don’t draw in my journal I just write in it. But yes it does help me. I can figure how I’m feeling and kinda how the day will be. It helps me because I get to take time out of my day and just write about whatever. Also it helps me figure what I’m going to do that day. I always want to go to teakwodnow or do something I love. So if I’m having a bad day I will wait until I have soccer or teakwodnow practice and it is something I look forward to

Rosalynn N.
Journaling helps me understand what’s going on inside. I think as long as you are using the time to pause and reflect, it’s fine to draw or write or whatever you feel.

Ismail M.
Personally Yes since what are you gonna do if you do it occasionally or rarely then you should not do it since you only have a little memory and personally journal and diary are for the same work no matter what you you write in a diary and draw in journal That's it

Zoe Q.
of course! any way of expressing your feelings is valid, and drawing your feelings on paper is a way to do that visually. I always love to draw how I’m feeling, whether it be a good thing that happened to me, or a visual representation of my darker thoughts (like a winged monster or something, ooo), because sometimes I think it better communicates how I feel in a faster way and clearer way than writing it out. of course, there are infinitely many ways to express yourself, so don’t limit yourself to just one! you got this, stranger, I believe in you!

Jimmie Z.
Writing in a journal about your feelings or about your day can help because it floods out your brain a little bit and that way when you go to bed, you can sleep better because you’ve already thought about everything and you’ve already written it down

Sydney F.
Yes. A drawing wether it was about you day or just scribbles can help you understand how your feeling. As some people say, a picture can speak a thousand words

Raisa E.
YES!!!! it does count but I am bad at thinking and drawing so I just write down how my day went. I think drawing in journal about someone felt that day is the most interesting and creative thing.

Donna Z.
It definately counts and is probably one of the most important things you have set yourself or there has been set for you. It’s a place of reflection where you are able to go over any thoughts you may have had during or at the beginning and in general your thoughts and what they consist at the end of your day.

Tomekia Z.
Hello! Thanks for asking a question that I don't usually have an quick answer for lol so let me say "I love quotes!" I see them as similar to affirmations because they have powerful meanings and messages and they work and are facts in life. So in this I have one that sticks in my mind and I use”Everything is always working out for me.”

Olive N.
Yes as long as you’re taking time to study, how do you felt that day and write it down somewhere or draw about it but keep record of it. It does count because you are essentially doing what you would do if you are writing in it. Reflecting on your day and describing how you felt basically what you do when you are writing a journal.

Sophie P.
Obviously it does. It is YOUR journal. Only you will decide how you will express yourself, which can be by writing poems, drawing, just writing a paragraph or two, etc.

Spie Q.
Yes, it was like having an honest conversation with yourself. After that I was realizing some issues about myself and that’s a good thing .

Valeta O.
Drawing a journal entry is just as transformative as writing a journal entry. For me, pen to paper creates a unique connection. Once the connection is there, the heart opens and spills over onto the page. A drawing may be just the thing to capture what the heart needs to express.

Marleigh E.
Good advice for a good fun exercise in the morning is to make sure you get a great breakfast and have a good cup of water, this helps with your day and morning to make it more refreshing and relaxing and a more fun workout!

For a great todo list streak is to make sure you’re energetic and to be in a place you feel great writing in ether if it’s your room, out side, whatever it is that helps you to feel like writing!

To me yes! If drawing helps you out the. It would be a great way to express that, sometimes I do it too whenever I don’t have anything to write in my journal or heck I do all the time!

Norah S.
Absolutely! Any type of journaling, whether it be drawing or writing, is still a way to jumpstart the mind to reflect and think about what changes might be needed.

Amanda C.
yes! it does, it could really have you feel like you get to vent to someone but that “person” never shares your secrets!!

Gina Z.
Absolutely. Drawing seems more effective, in my opinion, than writing. Some things simply cannot be put into words, but by drawing, you allow yourself to express in an objective manner.

Irmela W.
Drawing or doodling in your journal can be just as beneficial as writing in it, art is very therapeutic and I think it definitely counts.

Mark W.
Yes, It allows you to express how you feel through art. Some people might say it doesn't count as Journaling because you're not writing but descriptive words can only do so much without a picture.

Jali B G N.
Most definitely. I believe art is something that can portray exactly how you were feeling in that moment when you can’t find the words. Sometimes there aren’t enough words.

Brandie N.
Yes. Just like writing things out drawing things is another form expressing emotions and thoughts. Different things help different people. I write my thoughts out but some people draw, or sing their feelings and thoughts and some people do other things.

Eliza E.
I don’t think that I’d be able to express all that I’m feeling with just a drawing. I’d need to include words in there as well.

Helen I.
Yes 101%! Drawing is an amazing way to translate your emotions if you can’t exactly put it into words. Or, if you just aren’t fond of writing. Art can heal!

Sahar X.
Of course, I always was good with words, you may be good with drawing, I think the important thing is what it's represented in your mind

Elizabeth E.
It counts a lot. I've disco ered that my days contains more positive feelings than bad eich helps me apprichiate my life more.

Renee R.
Yes it does. Like myself, I’m not that great at expressing with words, especially about my own thoughts. Drawing will give you more room to express those thoughts.

Alex B.
Yes I feel it counts. Writing my experiences, feelings, musings down appears to allow me a different freedom. Or at least access to things that potentially I couldn’t have explored if I was purely thinking about them or talking about them. Certainly the more I write the deeper the exposure gets. I find it a very calming but exposing process that helps me delve deeper than I might if left to simply thinking. Maybe it has to do with its ability to hold my focus without distraction or reancor me quicker and more completely if I am distracted.

Carrie P.
Yes anything counts my friend I love to draw my feelings or my day if I don’t want to hear how I feel today I find another way to express feelings I can express through colorful dress plant your feelings sing your day be creative and find your comfort in who you are where you are how you are and knowing always that you are your star

Fiorella F.
i feel like it does, as it is a way to liberate emotions and really try to transmit what you felt during the day. it obviously counts if people find it as a relaxing day to cope with different types of emotions, or even just doing it when you feel weell

Joyeeta Q.
I think it does count, considering you are using more creative means to express yourself and your emotions. You are more likely to be more attached and fulfilled if you draw but do remember to reflect on yourself and what you consider to be important to you in your journal alongside it for it to be effective.

Heather A.
Yes. Drawing is a way to express how you're feeling. It also can be helpful for people who have a hard time articulating their thoughts. I know I do.

Steve G.
I think if you can make full sense of and benefit from it later, yes. Lots of times I'll have drawings or vague poems or acronyms or such that make plenty of sense to me at the time but in such a deep way that it doesn't last. If you draw your feelings, make sure it's something that future-you can feel something from, and learn from or appreciate the growth from that emotion, as opposed to just look at and seeing a picture.

Toyin N.
That’s a good question. Perhaps an annotation to assist with the artistic interpretation would suffice. But what is important is to keep a record- so if the drawing can be understood exactly as it was meant, much further down the line it’s fine

Terry Y.
It definitely does. Let your pen/pencil tap into your thoughts for you. And when you go through your journal later,It's also a great way to see how you experienced that day.

Cassiey F.
Why, yes, of course. Drawing is an art, a skill of the mind. Drawing illustrates one’s emotions when they can’t find to be able to speak their mind.

Quinn N.
Drawing in a journal is almost the same as writing in one. They both express your feelings but in separate ways. It’s all about what you like doing more and if thats drawing, then go ahead and draw. It’s up to you to decide what counts for journaling your emotions, that’s not anyone else’s decision to make.

Nev N.
Of course! It’s your journal and you can express your feelings in any way. Words and drawings can both express how you feel through numerous ways. Just like an artist who has done many masterpieces, they definitely put emotion and stories behind them and you can do the same!

Ella Z.
Of course it counts. It doesn’t matter what you put in your journal, the idea is to visualize your mind on it, in the way you feel more comfortable with.

Farham N.
Yes of course. I mostly do that for myself eider 😂
I think the most important point that this question have is that you are not doing the thing that you like ! Always remember “you only lives once and you should do things that you are more comfortable with and you feel better of doing those”