How you can express your feelings while writing Journal?

Kaitlyn Q.
I am able to write down every thought that bothers me into my journal. So I am using an app called Prompted Journal and it gives me a prompt to follow and helps me think of things to write. I actually really like it. It takes me sometime to actually open the app and start but once I start, I can sometimes write a book because I have so much bottled up inside me. It does seem to help with that and it helps me feel like I’m emptying that out of my brain. I usually feel like weight is lifted off my shoulders when I do journal.
Liberal Y.
by getting anything and everything off of your mind. It helps you understand your thoughts better. You can ask write about things your feel great full for and. You can write about what your day looked like any goals you have etc.
Tessa Q.
I recall the whole day anew, I understand the feelings and emotions I experienced a little better, and this kind of sums up the day
Jacob S.
Start by writing what happened. From there you’ll start noticing that over time you begin to express your emotions in writing without even realizing it