Do you worry about privacy with your journal, or change what you’d write based on the fear of someone reading it?

Vernon Y.
Honestly sometimes I am worried about privacy. However, if I don’t write down my true feelings it’s an irrelevant practice if you tailor your writings to hide your true self.
Livio A.
Yes, I do. However I think that the possibility that someone will found it and read it is very low. So I don't think about it when I'm writing, it would stop me from writing what I actually feel.
Samantha F.
Sometimes I worry about privacy with my journal, and in the past I have told stories differently in fear someone might read them. Since I made a commitment to writing every night and to be honest with myself, it has encouraged me to live every day in such a way that I would not be embarrassed for someone to read about it. I fail at it all the time, because I'm human, but knowing that I'll have to record my own actions helps me be more thoughtful about what I do during the day.
Celestine Z.
No I never worry about that. I keep it on my desk in plain View and trust those around me not to look at it. Even if they do though there is truly nothing to hide or be ashamed of in my journal.
Ashley C.
Sometimes I notice myself writing in my journal as if someone else will read it but once I recognize this I can be myself in my writing and write only whats necessary to me. Sometimes I worry as if I'll be marked on my journal entry but it's only me who sees it. I'm only competing with myself, there are no judges. 😊
Felix C.
I do currently have that fear, my parents used to read my journals and tease me for the content, but I'm no longer living at their house and working on getting over that fear.
Livia E.
My journal isn’t my deepest thoughts but I do put in things that I like to keep private. Even protecting my simple feelings is important to me so if i knew someone who as ever wading Mubarak journal I would change what I write
Luke J.
Sometimes. I have had a bad experience with it before, but I am much more trusting of the people that have access to it now. They know it is a place for my own private contemplation.
Elena O.
I now have a diary app bc during high school some mates found out my diary and decided to read it out loud in front of my class.
Domenico Z.
Definitely! I always twist and rephrase my thoughts in order for them to be a bit more cryptic and opaque… every time my personal, inner feeling get out of my mind, I fear losing my control over them…
Bertram P.
I do worry sometimes. I have two-three journals on the go at the same time for this reason – one thats creative, like a junk journal that I stick ephemera in from my day(s), one thats still a creative journal but it has more writing in it and one that’s just a private journal for myself; that I can write my true feelings in and not feel worried about someone reading it! I share the other two journals online but keep the other one private. That way, I can still share my journal pages online without someone seeing my private stuff!
Lore U.
This is the best question I have heard on this app so far…

No I do not. No one should be reading your journey but what are you hiding?? It's personal but not secret necessarily. Try not to be afraid of being found out and live as if everyone knows anyway. They probably already do in some way.

Bora L.
i’m not worry about it. Because i’m living with my partner and my journal is always at home. I don’t hide my toughts from my partner.
Jennifer Z.
I am always honest with my journal. That way I can look back and see my thoughts accurately. If you twist the truth, you won't remember what really happened and how you really felt. I keep my journal locked up in my room in a safe place.
Wendy Z.
No, but I do edit what I write based on the focus I'm trying to create in my life. Even if I'm angry or hurt, I try to observe it and the emotions from a mindfulness stand point. What actually happened? How did it make me feel, without engaging those emotions but just observing them. That distance gives me objectivity to work through how to handle both the emotions and the situation better. I try to turn focus on what I can improve or change. I can't control the other person. I can only control me. Hopefully, with that approach, should the person who angered or hurt me read it, they can see that I'm working on me. And it's really not about them.
Didi F.
Yes i dont openly write any thing i would regret someone would read it .. so i keep it a bit general or in a way i only can understand:)
Amber C.
Asking it here is like Captcha in Google – "Choose places where you will be hiding when AI will try to eliminate all the people on the planet " :). I mean how do I know if it question is from person or from service itself? I think you privacy mindset must be based on yourself and how do you trust you journal – if it is electronical or phisical, does somebody have access to it or not. I came up to thought that nobody cares about your journals and it is not so interesting for anyone to read them. Even if someone tries to read them , what bad should happen? It is not keys to soul and knowing what is in journal could not give keys to your mind …
Terese P.
No I’m pretty fatalistic with that sort of stuff. If there’s something in there someone needs to know about I guess they’ll come across it.
Anyway, it’s words on a piece of paper from a moment in time. Unless you’ve got something to hide why worry?
Ben C.
Not at all. My thoughts are my own, and if someone has a problem with it, its on them and not me. I trust the people around me and I have no reason to censure myself.
Lan A.
Yes, I am. Sometimes I didn’t write the whole “true” thing about my privacy. Or I write in foreign language, or some “key words” that only I understand what I am talking about.
Valdemar W.
Surely it's a common to feel that way. I've myself felt such before. I was a truck driver and had to share a very small space with another. My journal reflected how open I was with my teammate.
So I noticed this as I would sometimes write a nutshell version of my real thoughts. When I left that job my journal now reflects to my current enviorment. As I am not worried that someone will read my thoughts or feelings on a particular day that can be taken out of context, this causing some feelings good or bad. One thing to think about is being honest with yourself and writing what is truly what you're journaling at that moment. To tailor it would he eschewed form of your thoughts and not very therapeutic or resourceful for growth or understanding. However if you have a partner ,bf/gf , and or parent that you think is not able to understand your privacy boundaries it may be fun for you to learn a second language or code your journal. Obviously something you can do at the pace of which you write. Cheers! Love and light!