How to you capture important moments briefly. I hate writing long essays and get bored by it but when I write import things it tends to get exhaustingly long.

Sheryl U.
I like those 365 Day journals that just have you write 2 or 3 brief sentences that sum up your day. I have a couple of journals that I use to work on different aspects of my life and some require a lot of writing and others only a couple of sentences and that works for me.
Colleen X.
Writing is okay for me if it is long but its okay to write short or long. You have to express your feelings and your thoughts
Bento F.
If you hate to write for a long time, just write for short periods of time. Simply write down all the important things in topics or in short sentences. Just do it…
Reginald E.
Pretend you are writing a tweet, and you only have so much space to use. Used emojis or other visual representation for your feelings about the event.
Clarisse U.
I personally write out bullet points. It makes it easier to capture my thoughts quickly without long exhausting sentences.
Again… this is what I do personally. Hope this helps.
Klemens H.
Notice the parts of the moment that are the most important, either note it down or take a picture. Look back on it over the next few days and relive the moment… that way the important parts of the memory will stick in your brain