How should i do it? One journal or multiple?

Trish Z.
I keep multiple journals for different projects and one for the daily journaling. It helps me separate my 'modes' when I just look at them and start writing. It serves as a cue as well. The morning journal is yellowish with really light lines and in A4 format, because I love freehand writing. The project journals are mostly white, plain and with a nice cover. The study companions are with lines, depends on the type of course. There I capture notes. The carry-on journal contains my appointments and it is the place I note down the most important things I accomplished that day.
The most helpful advice is, however, to decide for one, roll with it and in the process of journaling you find what you are looking for.
The most versatile is the bullet journal method, I think, if you decide to have just one journal. You wil see how you use it and how much space you need. As you can see, I LOVE writing a ton 😆😇
Oh, and remember – your choice can be adjusted, there is no perfect journal, just the right one for what you are up to at that moment 😘
Andy O.
I have one that captures how I feel to start day. MY goal for the day and one small step. Why it's important. Gratitude statement. Plan for the day. Including my FAB routines.