Should I put what I love about myself in my journal?

Hanis Z.
Sure, that would be good. But maybe you could also ask loved ones what they like best about you. The answers may surprise you. Write them down to remind yourself the next time you're feeling down. You'll be reminded of all the things that others like about you.
Elly O.
I think you should out whatever comes in your mind info your journal. I Write about everything that keeps my mind busy. Good and bad things. I write about what I see, feel, hear and think. It is never wrong to remind yourself what you like about yourself so what not. I had a time in which I started my journal with wringing down 5 things I like
Michaela E.
Yes of course then you can look back on your answer and see what you liked about yourself to maybe pick yourself up one Day and realize your a confident person with a lot to offer!!
Thomas U.
Anything you feel. Doodles, scribbles, ranting, speeches, what you love, what you hate, anything goes. It's your sacred ground, the journal is Your artifact, You decide what goes there. And yes, even what you love about yourself, it's not egoistic, we all love you.
Nicoline A.
Yes, you absolutely should write what you love about yourself. I have found from my experiences that when I write what I love about myself I start to believe it. For me it helped me love myself more and get rid of some of the negative thoughts that I used to think about myself. I definitely would recommend write what you love about yourself in your journal.
Robin W.
Yes!! And then re-read it also. This way it is gonna sink in even more. And write down other things you love about yourself which might come to your mind as you write your journal! It's such a great thing to do!
Nancy F.
I do. Maybe once I get farther down the road, I won’t. But when I’m feeling overwhelmed, which seems to happen too easily with me, taking things in very small steps enables me to celebrate small victories more often. Often, when I’m depressed, even mundane tasks can seem monumental. I don’t think it needs to be a hard and fast rule, but if I’ve had trouble being consistent for *myself* – I’ll write down any little thing. Maybe I’ll write in bigger tasks as well, in case I get on a roll. But no guilt limiting nor motivating.
Shannon N.
Absolutely… think of every single thing that you like or really love, about yourself. You will be able to go back and read these as a reminder for yourself when you are down.
Daniel J.
Absolutely! Keep a list of positive things from every day. Also keep a list of improvements you can make, wins you’ve had, and people who need you at your best.
Beatrice X.
Yes, you should. Because sometimes people don’t realize how wonderful they are or they can be. Thinking about it will help you to underline your good personality and work on it’s improvement!
Mballu N.
Yea I believe so, it become a good reference point to read when you are not having such a great moment and also you can build on your initial list.
Edouard S.
Of course you should. Journaling should be about anything you want to express. Whether it was a great day or less than you would have liked to, you remain yourself and great as it is. So writing about it is totally fine.
Jaime N.
Yes you should; by doing so you allow yourself to appreciate your features without the opinion of others. The only validation you need is self-validation.