Do you have a template for daily journaling?

Blake Pearson
Not really. I note the topic and go for it. I write and underline the subject matter. If it has to do with a previous topic or is on a repeated topic I make a note of that

Leona Burton
My template is more of a rough guide. One or two good things, one or two bad things, things to follow up or to check, and things to be looking forward to… Random thoughts are also appreciated.

Mandy Garcia
As a template for my journaling I have a bullet journal method that works for me which is Quick and efficiënt. I also have a daily journal but I just write freely in it.

Ilaine Viana
I keep it simple- a few lines in a “one line a day” five-year memory book and at least three things on my gratitude list.

Ladislau Farias
I tend to write about how my day has been, what I've done, how I've felt. So I suppose, In a way, i do have a template.