Do you write a digital journal or a written one? And why?

Mine L.
I write a written journal. 5 questions. 3 in the morning 2 at night. I like writing with pen on paper. And I like nice notebooks and the possibility of going back and forth.
Carla N.
I used Google Calendar to input all my tasks, deadlines, and events. However, I got tired managing them all in my phone even if Im using my phone everyday. Now, Im sticking to my bullet journal. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ive had one before and I have proven through time that this is the one that really works for me. I enjoy doodling and decorating. Journalling has become a hobby, not just a task I have to do.
Shaunette O.
A written one. I carefully chose the book. I have a Dingbats (green deer) A4-sized hardcover book. I picked that one because it's an eco-friendly brand. I often write with fountain pens and I know the paper is good quality too.
Gregory W.
I use a digital journal called Journey…it is easy to access and I have no excuse not write in it as it is available on my mobile device.
Aubrey U.
I write digital one as it is more handy and is possible to do on the smartphone. The old fashioned diary is less comfortable to bring with me on my trips. The smartphone I can use in bed with switched off lights
Sarah J.
I do , I do have a journal and I do write in it but sometimes I donโ€™t have it with me when my phone is always there ! Write on Xx