What is your plan when someone else discovers your journal?

Wiktor G.
He/she can read it. It's me. I wan't to live life I don't hide. Yes there are my struggles and my insecurities but that is what makes me, me.
Didi X.
Maybe I could inspire him to do what I’m doing after he sees the result from my consistency of doing the right things and specially because i change my bad habits and add good one step by step i didn’t change my life by one night . I could ask him to install your application and start changing his bad habits.
Alana E.
I don’t care. Everything in life happens just as it should. I am also very transparent and I stand in my truth. I have no problem discussing anything that would be in my journal. I would recommend not writing anything in a journal that you don’t want someone else to find if you’re fearful of it being found. I personally don’t care. If it’s something that can help me grow I don’t care what anyone thinks about it.
Sandra R.
Trust. I keep my journal in a safe location with a privacy request on the cover. I trust the other members of my household to respect my privacy. If I didn't, I'd purchase a locking fire safe or a small padlock for a briefcase or suitcase to keep my valuables in.
When I found mt son's journal, I told him to keep it safer as I returned it unread.
Johanne W.
Nothing. I hadn’t really considered the possibility of someone finding my journal, so did not plan accordingly. That being said, I’ve got nothing to hide. My journal has always been the burden of my mind, not so much secrets, but more like anxieties /fears and even hopes and dreams. I don’t say anything I am ashamed of, it’s all just train of thought… things I don’t want to bother other people by talking about.

Quite honestly, if someone found my journal, they probably wouldn’t get very far… it can be quite dry and boring.

Ayana O.
I will take it back and ask the why they felt the need to jump intonations my private’s thoughts. Such a severe invasion deserves consequence, I will need space and time to heal and reflect and to decide if I want to keep a relationship with that person any longer.
Amber U.
It depends on if they decide to respect my boundaries. If someone decides to invade my privacy intentionally, there's not much you can do to recover what has already been opened. But you can control your reaction. I want to let the other person know how much their actions can affect those around them. Draw your boundaries and make sure it is respected. If this is a part of a series of toxic behaviors, I would distance myself from that person.