What do you find essential to write on your Journal?

Kim N.
Anything that’s in my head regarding things I need to do or thoughts that keep coming back up. I find that by writing these things down, it empties my mind for other things (like actually accomplishing tasks) and gives me a realistic look at what I can/can’t control, and what I can/can’t accomplish in a given time frame.
Kelly C.
I find essential to write want I want to accomplish the next day before it reaches. Also, any positives or negatives that I'd like to retrospect later in the week to see if is necessary to take an action to improve o keep that has happened
Danny O.
It’s important for me to write about my day in general, everything I did, big or small. I like writing about how I felt that day or any thoughts or lessons I had that day. I have another journal to write my intentions, and things I’m grateful for the day. I like to track my habits and my routines trough my Bullet journal.
Cherry Y.
Yes! It's a key part of my daily routine. I use the time to pause and reflect on what's going well or badly and how I can adjust for the future. I also mull over my own behavior and see if there are insights into my tendencies.
Jenn U.
Brain dump of all the clutter in my mind. Often an emotional rebalancing, rhetorical questions, venting, and sometimes an affirmation.
Jenn U.
When I journal I write about the things that I don't talk to you about with anyone. I talked about the feelings I have inside that I don't really want to acknowledge to myself. Somehow getting them on paper helps get them out of me and I can process them and sometimes this is the only way I can do it
Nicola T.
Sometimes it is truly essential. It is, in a sense, a form of meditation itself. Sometimes it is less. Maybe sometimes I am really not in the mood. In those cases, I write down just a sentence or two.
Laila1 E.
When a quote has been given, it feels best to explain what the quote means and how it makes me feel. This makes it easier for me to express my feelings.🤍🌙