How do you start a journal and keep it?

Brian Russ
Check out Notion, it's digital but at least then it becomes easier to organize notes and thoughts, and of course easier to find later with search. You also get to add images, links and documents to your journal which I find useful. Lastly Notion is cloud based, so it is accessible from all devices and always available, even if you loose your device

Ronny Herr
I choose a nice medium small notebook that fits in my purse so I always have it with me. I also like to write during my breakfast or wherever I have a moment of waiting during the day. Perhapsin a bar or Cafe

Nolhan Leroux
I started journaling in the morning with writing something positivite about me. As I continued, it became about finding me.
I’d end the day with writing something positive about my day

Ron Mills
I use the app, Journey. I can write easily and I can record my feelings and places with some pictures so I feel good. And it makes me to keep writing journal

Alfred Thomsen
I decided to get a notebook that I liked but that wasn't expensive or 'too special' as in the past I've been worried about ruining them. As well as having a dedicated time each night, I also take it around with me so that if I get the urge I can write in it. I also haven't set out exactly what I expect myself to write in it, I just do what I want, even if it's just 'im tired.. today's been good.' It's not much but at least it keeps me in the routine.

Gary Larson
I started by looking for a nice journal, one with insperational quotes that would help me maintain the habit of reflecting and trying to ahape them into words and sentences. It helped a lot to understand which thoughts affect my mood and quonsequentially my bahavior. Then I would pick the beat time of day, either early morning or before I go to bed. I would think about my day, my feelings what went good and challenes am facing and consider the beat way to deal with them.
It has an immediate wffect on me. Writting for myself makes me feel that am getting better in knowing myself, befriend with.. the way you understand and can read your beat friend….

Jesse Hill
I prefer a bullet journal (bujo) to an actual journal. I use it to keep track of my moods, my meditation and sports sessions, and so on. Anything special happened? I add it in on a page for just the especially nice (or awful) days. I keep track everyday but only write when important stuff happens, and usually these days are summarised as one-liners. After all, I am not writing for a Pulitzer right?
Keeping it simple and optional (only write those days I am inspired) are corner-stones to my journal keeping.

Eric Fogaça
On a day I have a lot of thought and at the end of the day I like to write it down. I write a few thoughts and things I have done that day. So I can reflect on my day. If you start a journal, just begin small and you will see if you like it or not. (Sorry for my bad English)

Florent Menard
I just wrote what I feel, what I want to tell myself. Anything I regret and everything I appreciate. I just keep it at my work table since I write in the morning and I will be at my work for sure. You can keep it at home or in your bag if you are writing in the evening or at night. Hope this help

Elliot Gerard
I started mine with the Five Minute Journal. It is short and prompts you with questions to answer. I still miss a day here and there. But for the most part it keeps me consistent because it is short and sweet! Eventually I plan to increase my journaling but I am not there yet.

Nellie May
Include a writing activity in your Morning Ritual and put your journal and a pen next to your bed before you go to sleep. This way, you will have at least one journal entry every day.

Roland Hicks
Get a nice journal that you like and keep it beside your bed like you do your water. Open it in the morning, write the date and make an open declaration like, I feel great today! Or I am grateful for…..
You can write your affirmations and your daily to do list.
You can also write out your goals, dreams, also your fears and how you might overcome them. Just keep it in sight so you remember. Make it a part of your morning or evening routine. Have been keeping a journal for many years now. Interesting to go and read and see how my goals were fulfilled.

Scott Chapman
I keep my journal visible. When I think of something I am grateful for I write it down. At the end of the day I re affirm everything I have written for the day and end with positive thoughts. My journal is ongoing throughout the day, not once per day. This helps me to be consistent

Sindulfo Teixeira
You can do a journal entry on fabulous, set it as a task and when it pops up press the plus button and it brings up a space you can write in, I've found it helpful to be reminded to do it.

Brooke Gilbert
I'm terrible at journaling and don't worry about recording my day. Instead I found a great notebook and put it with the books I was reading. I use it to reflect on what I read and do the reflections on my journeys. I only add parts of my day that are relevant to my reflections, or what my thoughts are. I had to abandon the idea of a traditional journal like my grandma had, and instead just do what worked for me.