Do you use a paper or online journal? Just blank pages or structured questions?

Suzanna E.
At the moment I use an online journal, but planning to move to the paper one. It’s a mixed in between free writing and structured questions.
Ga L S.
I use both paper and app journaling as well as both blank for how I’m feeling or what’s on my mind and structured questions I answer. I usually use paper for my goals, aspirations and what I’m grateful for or to organize my thoughts. I use apps for affirmation journaling, how I’m feeling, what’s on my mind and answering questions. I also have leather journals that I use to record things I’ve learned, information, my thoughts about things and things that are special and mean something to me.
Veronica O.
Mostly online
Though need to start a paper one again
Usually blank pages
Would like to see examples of structured questions so I could apply that to my journal