Um, what do you write in your journal, cause I’m having trouble on what to put in my journal. Thx :)

Isabelina Q.
I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible and for the evening routine I’m asking myself what should I remember from that day? And what went well today – from a positive perspective. Even if something went out of my expectations, I’m looking at it as a learning experience questioning myself on what was my learning.
Diane Z.
Just go over what’s happening in your life! It doesn’t have to be profound or fun to read. Focus on how what you’re doing makes you feel. Future you might appreciate being able to read about where you were and how far you’ve come. Sometimes it can even be a good source of advice or insights (uncertainty, running in circles, etc.)!
Craig Q.
Hey! Anything and everything… my dreams, how I envision my life. I love to daydream about my desired home, or travels… I also use it to explore feelings, things that happened or just to empty my mind on paper. What I find most important is to not edit myself as I write. Hope this helps!
With love 🙂