I’m a perfectionist, so I’d rather have my journal clean and without many colors, I mean some people tend to do that. And sometimes I even rewrite everything if there’s a scratch on it, how can I remove that habit?

Anna Lisa N.
I am only too familiar with this tendency so I hope my aproach will help you too; I ask myself a question, (or sometimes as many as it takes as to not rewrite);
1. realy? that is how you are going to use your prescious time?
2. When will I ever reed this again?
3. Will it make me happier LATER (today, tomorrow, next week)?

The last one has been the most helpful but I didn’t ask it in the beginning of my habit change. Today I realize it is the most important question since the answear carries sustanable meaning for me.

Hauke X.
Maybe type instead of handwriting? I had trouble journaling often in a handwritten format because I write pretty slow. But then I was like, wait a second, the purpose of this exercise is to get my thoughts out and analyze my behavior patterns, not produce something Instagram-worthy. So I just started typing out my journal entries and I've written over 4,000 words the past week.
Anna Q.
Hi) First of all, I don't think this habit is bad on its own, unless it takes you too much time that you don't have or makes you unhappy. Having said that, I have a couple ideas.
1) On whatever social media you use, try to find creators who have maybe more elaborate or colorful journals than you tend to like now, and just leave them in your feed for couple months or half a year. Also, I know there are numerous people on YouTube (but I don't know their names specifically) who are fine with showing their mistakes (misspellings, croocked lines, missing a month in a spread) and how they writed them, maybe acquiring ideas on how to clean up the messes nicely will help you to spend less time on "rewriting" part.
2) Maybe you can try to buy one of those "wreck it" journals (or find online what are the activities in it and recreate them on your own, though that way it might me harder to go through the whole journey). I think after committing to go through the whole jounal and doing all the tasks, you'll have a different outlook on what messy is, altering your baseline so to say. And after pages with mud and burns on them, or maybe a whole slightly chewed jounal, returning to the one you had with an elastic smudge, or bad letter might not feel as pressing.
3) Also, maybe you can try to figure out what is the purpose of your jounal -art or life management system. If latter – then it should be as efficient and not time consuming as possible.