Do you have specific questions to answer when you are writing or do you just let it flow?

Isolino S.
I mainly just write about what happened in my day and the way it made me feel. I’m working to understand my feelings better and I think doing this has made me more aware of how things can affect me.
Ana O.
Sometimes it just flows but most of the time it's if the things that my mind has been asking and I couldn't get the right answers so I tried to connect one and two and come up with the store we heal my heart from writing all the thoughts and the answer is actually it's it's works because you found out that the question that you have in your mind once you write it down or actually find an answer for it so yeah I question pop up then the answer follows
Zoe O.
I journal I usually search up prompts based on what I’m trying to do with myself: self-discovery, healing, self-love, etc. Sometimes I can write a diary entry where my feelings and emotions flow onto paper, but a majority of the time I find prompts on Pinterest that help me deal with certain topics.