Do you ever read back what you have written in earlier days?

Theresa Q.
Yes. When organizing my space and I come across a journal. It's always interesting to see what has changed and what themes remain the same. Sometimes it's discouraging to see how little has changed in my life. Difficult to face losses…of family members, friends and beloved pets. It's pleasant to see any sense of celebration…the joy of having seen a hummingbird, the fright of spotting a snake, or having an adventure… A trail ride, a swim in the lake or in the ocean….these things bring great joy, both in the experience and the memory.
Lilian P.
Actually i have been journalling quite inconsistently throughout my life and i have just started to really commit to it so i honestly dont really look over my past entries
Arne E.
I find it interesting reading back on my earlier writing in my journal. A the moment I only have a few entries that are a few weeks apart.