Do you write more often about the events that happened that day or your thoughts and contemplations?

Eline T.
Thoughts and contemplations, sometimes linked to events that happened during the day or caused because of those events but sometimes there's no link.
Talita D.
Being honestly I write both. First start writing about today’s event then I move to what I’m grateful in general, broad contemplations.
Gino I.
I typically go over my wins for the day which are related to my goals . Then I will reflect & journal on the days “magic moments” which could be a feeling I felt something someone said or a compliment etc. hope this helps!
Rosa C.
It's a mixture of both. I usually start weighting about what I did during the day. It can be as simple as " I woke up, ate breakfast, cooked and watched a movie '' or if sth really dramatic happened it can take whole pages. From there I start writing about my thoughts on the events of the day and then general thoughts. It all depends on how much time or energy you have.
Taylor F.
I think at the end of the day about my thoughts and contemplations. I was on the quieter side and didn’t like taking risks, I was in my head too much. This prevented my from so many amazing things. I think “omg why would I do that,” “did they like me,” “I wish I would’ve talked to him,” “sat with those people,” I’ve never had to chance to think about the events because I never got to any.
Mm2325 N.
I would say more about my feelings of past and current events happening in my life. So more thoughts and contemplations. Which is better. So should I make a change?
Niquel O.
Certainly both, to some degree. I find that, the more often I journal (like if I'm journaling every day), the easier it becomes to then write about thoughts and contemplations. When I go more than a few days without journaling, I find it much more challenging to write about my thoughts because I feel like I need to catch up my journal. You don't realize how much can happen in the span of a week. EVERY time I go a couple weeks without journaling, I'm absolutely shocked at how much has actually happened–major life events, no small thing. Life is so eventful, we don't realize it. And when you journal on the day-to-day, it tends to bring up thoughts and feelings more often. For example, I recently hit a big milestone in my fitness. I've never been able to touch my toes, not even as a child, and for the first time ever, after years of stretching, I was able to achieve that seemingly impossible goal of mine, and it opened up my thoughts about what other things I previously assumed were out of the realm of possibility, and how little changes every day can bring about change so much sooner than you realize. So, in short, I believe the two go hand in hand, and I prefer to do it that way, personally. I have kept journals for years and I'm very glad that I have written about events. Sometimes I'll be telling a story and I can't remember exactly what happened, but then I can find it in a journal. It's very handy for that sort of thing.