I want to have other journals to write in besides what I did that day but I’m not sure what to use it for. What are some ideas for different kinds of journals to keep and write in?

Gail B.
There is a gratitude journal, prayer journal to keep track of the journey and answers to prayer, challenge journal if you are fasting or taking on a project or trying to start or stop something…. So many.
Anjelle R.
You could try morning entries. Just write in the morning with a cup of coffee, if you want. Write about what you dreamt the night before, what you need to get done that day, or things you want to do.
Eleut Rio E.
You can have a dream journal, one for planning, for creative or random ideas, for writing stories or poetry, for writing about your life and the experiences you’ve had until now; helping you reflect one how you became the person you aren’t today and on your identity.
Leanna N.
I’ve had to try different options for myself. I think it may be different for everyone. Right now I’m using one as a planner/journal where I write important things like a vet or MD appointment but also things that are important to me that day like reflections or things I’ve learned. I also have a prayer journal where I write down things I’m praying about and people or events I’m praying for. Lastly, I have one where I’m taking notes on books I read like Girl Wash Your Face. Happy Journaling ❤️
Andy P.
I keep all types of journals. Of course I have my typical journal that I write in to reflect on my day. However, I also keep a bullet journal which is essentially an artistic planner you make yourself. I additionally keep a travel journal and a journal where I write all my to do lists.