What are some ideas for journalling quickly at the end of an exhausting day, when you don’t really feel like it?

Jakob X.
Meditate for a couple minutes and jot down whatever comes to mind afterwards. It about building the habit. Sometimes it’s difficult..
Emile O.
Ask myself, "How am I?" Or "What's on my mind?" But then again, I'm just the type of person who always have a lot on my mind and if I don't write them in my journal, I might end up writing them on my social media, so I HAVE to journal
Jenna P.
Make it like a text message. Short and to the point. I usually write 1 or two thoughts or words…. Just enough to jog my memory. I'm not writing for history just myself.
Niquel O.
Just write one sentence. It's not about giving a detailed journal entry every time, it's just about building that habit. For example, maybe you lock your car every time you get out of it. You're not thinking about it, you're just doing it because it's *what you do*, it's automatic, years of doing it over and over again every time.
And honestly there were so many times where I thought, "nah, I don't want to journal tonight" but I convince myself to just write ONE sentence. And by the time I open it up and finding my pen and everything, I usually end up writing a lot more because I'm already there, I've already done the hardest part.
And again, with the habitual thing, eventually it'll just feel routine, automatic, just what you do. And I've kept journals for three years now.
And listen, if you don't do it every day, whatever! You didn't fail at it. So many people think because they didn't journal for a few weeks or maybe even months, that journaling isnt for them and they give up. Don't worry about that. You don't need to keep a streak. It's an ebb and flow. If you can do it every day, awesome! If not, don't worry about it!