How you making it interesting

Haifa B.
By not pushing myself hard.. enjoying the little steps and forgiving myself if i didn’t perform well.. always remind myself it is all about the journey
Eli J.
I’m thinking of either doing small/ short term goals or challenges. Maybe even make it a game with a prize for every time I accomplish something.
Jennifer O.
Right now, I’m still finding things to make the routine work. So it’s a about experimenting, looking for what looks good for my current level of physical and mental ability. Also trying to keep my goals small and realistic bc, in the past, I would have big goals and want them fast. When I didn’t see results in a certain time, it’s be a huge let down or my health would pay the price and everything would have to stop. Took me several times on that cycle to really keep it simple and work within my means.
Sarah E.
I like to think about each habit as part of a self-care routine in order to make me a better, healthier person. Looking forward in the future makes me feel like this is worth it, which motivates me even more to continue.
Tobias Y.
I do whatever is feeling right in the moment! Usually I find journaling tedious, but I’ve been letting my mind and hand do what they please. A lot of the time this looks like doodles or random statements rather than detailed and precise prose.
Katrine E.
When I do my routines I put on happy music and just workout like nobody is watching and encourage myself to keep going and keep trying ! Some days I do ask myself why I’m doing this but I am learning to love myself and better myself now a days which is helping a lot !
Mandy U.
lots of crafts and some journalling with a different prompt daily. usually, I find interesting things while I'm reading a good book
Brett Z.
I just remember that you only have 1 life, all of the simple things won’t seem important in 10 years so live life like everyday is your last day and then you’ll find a way to make everything interesting…