How you making it interesting

Eli J.
I’m thinking of either doing small/ short term goals or challenges. Maybe even make it a game with a prize for every time I accomplish something.

Sarah E.
I like to think about each habit as part of a self-care routine in order to make me a better, healthier person. Looking forward in the future makes me feel like this is worth it, which motivates me even more to continue.

Tobias Y.
I do whatever is feeling right in the moment! Usually I find journaling tedious, but I’ve been letting my mind and hand do what they please. A lot of the time this looks like doodles or random statements rather than detailed and precise prose.

Katrine E.
When I do my routines I put on happy music and just workout like nobody is watching and encourage myself to keep going and keep trying ! Some days I do ask myself why I’m doing this but I am learning to love myself and better myself now a days which is helping a lot !

Mandy U.
lots of crafts and some journalling with a different prompt daily. usually, I find interesting things while I'm reading a good book

Brett Z.
I just remember that you only have 1 life, all of the simple things won’t seem important in 10 years so live life like everyday is your last day and then you’ll find a way to make everything interesting…