What is the best way of writing?

Randy J.
Grateful is a state of mind. I start each day reflecting on the blessings in my life. It always starts with the people I live and those who love me. I am gratified another day and life itself. Daily this changes the teakwood my day for the better. It’s one of the first daily habits I put in place.

H L Na E.
There is no best way of writing, there is only a way (or more than one) that works for you; the best way to find it is just experimenting with whatever feels right to you.

Eva Maria Z.
For some people it's physically writing. For others it's writing itself no matter the medium. I think the most effective way is physical. Pen to paper. See your personal touch of letters on a page. It's an extension of you.

Lucy N.
The best way of writing is making stories, making stories with the flick of your wrist, the scratching of the pencil or the clicking of the pens. While your mind wonders what will happen next on a story full of magic, image being the author! For they create share. Nothings more fresher than writing a book, with no thought till the end of the page. The sunlight trails your writing, as a new world comes when you take a brave step.

Nurul S.
You can be gratefull for everything in youre live that you are happy about
So you can be gratefull for this app or that youre healthy

Ana E.
In my opinion the best way of writing is to not forcing too much and let the imagination flow. Let yourself feel the emotions that arise while you write. If you have to stop for a while to understand the emotions do it. I often choose to do it with music that inspiring as music makes my emotions come up more easily!

Allie O.
I really enjoy poetry and journaling. If you’re trying to get your emotions or feelings out on a page, a good rhyme, poem, or even just a rant on a piece of paper can help. I set a notebook by my bed and journal every night. Don’t feel like you have to keep it up every night, either. Sometimes you just can’t, and that’s totally okay and valid!! Or, if you can’t find a way to write out your feelings, then try doodling!! Even a big blob of scribbles pressed hard into the page can help deal with negative emotions. All of these ways really work for me, and I hope they work for you, too.

Cathy F.
To me the best way of writing is just showing your feelings. Like when your writing in your journal, you are showing things that you normally don’t share with other people in that journal. Because you are you

Alfred F.
Having a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and reflecting on yourself, going deep to see what you want to let out and writing it all down on paper or a journal is best. You may set what you want to let go of on a piece if paper and burn it and release the ashes. It helps burn away all the problems.

Britney J.
The best way is whichever one makes you happiest. A ballpoint in a bound notebook, pencil on the back of the kids old homework, your phone notes app, a crayon on toilet paper. This is not an assignment in school. Use the strawberry scented marker if that will make you smile.

Yelidy F.
There isn’t a right way to write, find the way you feel most comfortable, you could write about your thoughts or about your feelings or you could also write about something that you think is interesting and go with the topic that you have to write about

Caylee N.
Write like you are talking to someone that cares about you in a way that is comfortable to you. Or write like you are describing to your future self how you are doing. Even getting anger out helps while writing make sure to get EVERYTHING off your chest. 🙂

Soeiro A.
My go to weekly breakfast is a bagel with cream cheese. It’s quick and you can eat it on the go. On the weekends when I have more time, I make a more complete breakfast with toast and eggs and veggie sausages.

Hadrien Q.
A melhor forma de escrever é deixar tudo o que sentimos vir para fora. Deixar fluir em papel o que vai no sangue e no coração. Escrever sentimentos escrever pensamentos pensar sentimentos e sentir pensamentos.
Deixar ir cada pedaço de nós, desmontarmos nos por peças para nos reconstruirmos e nos reconhecermos em algo e alguém melhor.

Maurice X.
I’m not exactly sure what this person meant, but I always sit in a comfortable place and think through what I’m going to say, sometimes it’s hard, but I try my best

Jasmine N.
The best way of writing is when the word take control of the process and leads the pen. My subconscious regurgitate words before my mind does and I feel this out of body experience to create something as if it created elsewhere.

Mia N.
Just having good handwriting or grammar. Also knowing a plot or having a story theme. Because you can’t just go write without knowing what your going to write about you need an idea or theme first. As I always tell myself “When your feel like quitting remember why your started”. You need to have that mindset with sports, cleaning life in general and writing!

Mattie O.
In my opinion you shouldn’t compare your handwriting to others but make it as clear as possible make it however you like it! When I’m studying I like to make things colourful and good looking it makes me feel good and makes my wanna study more!!

Olivia Y.
I believe that if you’re journaling, it is best to write about your emotions, the reasons you feel that way, and ways to combat the negative emotions. If you’re writing for an essay assignment, write, then edit, then revise. Then add final touches. 🙂

Nb N.
There is no right or wrong way to write – but the “best” way is certainly using your own voice and style. It’s what makes every person unique since we all have our own point-of-view in the world.

Just try to be true and authentic to the way you see and experience things and you’re already off to a great start.

Karl Peter X.
the best way of writing really depends on the person, but for me it’s journaling. I like to write everything down and reflect on the day in the evenings. And then in the morning i like to answer the prompt they give you here, something to think about throughout the day.

Being V.
Find your favorite medium (pencil/paper; digital, or something else) and make it super attractive to *you*. Then start to explore what wants to come out. If you feel better after writing and/or really enjoy what you wrote, then you did an amazing job!

Eli G.
The best way of writing is to know that you’re the only one reading this so let yourself express how you feel in what you write. 🙂

Juliette Z.
The best way of writing is short and sweet. Once you write down all of your initial thoughts or ideas, you can then expand on them and make your writing deeper and more involved.

Thea A.
The best way is by just taking out the pen and paper and writing whatever comes to mind. There’s no wrong way of writing.

Delta N.
Write down the things you love, the things you think of, the things you dream of, the things you want to do. That’s what you should do. That’s the best way of going through things while writing. Write down your plans for the day.

Jim J.
In my opinion the best way of writting is with colors eg.highlighters. I find that the softer you press on a page ,the more calmer you are.

Julie Y.
I Think the best way of writing is simply writing out the thoughts that cross your mind. Writing them out gives them more meaning and makes you reflect more about the subject. That is just what I feel is the best way:)

Nurul S.
Yes, especially with everything that happens because of the pandemic, or when someone you love gets sick and you lose them. I feel like there’s nothing to be grateful for. I can’t even be grateful for being alive or having a house to live, nothing makes sense anymore. But days go by and it’s just not that way again, you begin to feel gratitude for things once more.

Silas U.
Writing (as in your journal) is very smooth when you get into the habit. But to get into the habit can be hard, the way I learned to write everyday in my journal is to only write when you feel strong emotion. 🌻

Kevin C.
I just make sure I take 10 minutes. Whether it’s in the morning, during my lunch break or yoga before bed. Everyone can put aside just 10 minutes to do some sort of exercise. You don’t have to go outside. You don’t need equipment. You just need to move. And try and make it something. You enjoy 😊

Nurul S.
At first just make a mind storm. Write everything what's on your mind. Every single mind that is in your head. And then you will be able to concentrate on what do you want to write about. That's it. Then just write. And write it for yourself, without any fear or worry that somebody will read that.

Naya X.
Just write whats in your mind. It can be about the lunch you just had or about what youve been feeling.
Writing really takes off weight from our chests. So whenever you can, grav a piece of paper, a notebook, or even here on this app in the journaling section, and write whats on your mind or what you did today. It can be really therapeutic. so good luck and i hope you enjoy it

Emile Y.
Writing in general is a very useful and important thing to do in your daily life.The most used writing method is the one using a book and a pen.I believe it reflects your emotions.

M O O D N.
Writing when you have the inspiration to write and not forcing yourself. Like not forcing yourself to anything. If you wanna write on a laptop, dont force yourself to pen and paper

Lordoflaksa N.
the best way of writing is to let ur brain and mind flow with your hands to write whatever you feel. Writing is not all based on topic writing can also be smtg we have in our mind and a heavy feeling in our heart it gives us time to reflect on ourselves and it’s a good exercise the best way of writing is going with the flow

Clara C.
I do a bit in the morning, as part of a routine. It helps me feel calm and have an idea of what I want my day to be like.

Nurul S.
I want it very much, I want to have good habits, good nutrition, good diet plan, and to have motivation.This ap helped me so much I am so greatful for that girl on tiktok that suggested me that app🤍

Angela V.
I write in cursive because it comes natural to me. I also like to use a small notebook I can carry around so I can walk and write and get into my thoughts

Luo L.
Definitely by hand! It just feels so much more personal and hands-on (literally) and gives you the satisfaction typing on a keyboard wouldn’t.

Mattia C.
With a piece of paper, possibly a diary and pens. I use different colours sometimes. When I’m writing about emotions, traumas and generally anxiety provoking past experiences than I just write as a flow of consciousness

Emilie C.
I myself like to write things by my hand in my journals or notebooks, but sometimes I’m using my phone instead and I like it too

Debra U.
The best way to write is from your heart. Write whatever comes to mind, allow mistakes, and go with the flow. Revise when you’re done writing. Dont force yourself to write a whole lot. Even if you only write a little bit, you are progressing in building and exercising a healthy habit. Test which forms of writing you prefer. For an example, I prefer writing by hand or by typing.

Ramona U.
It sounds silly, but the best way to write is to write. Making it a habit, doing it every day, making time for it, doing it even when it doesn’t feel like you have good ideas.

Sofya N.
i think it’s when you wrote whatever comes to your mind, not letting it be just a distraction but having a purpose of taking peace through it

Julia O.
start writing small things such as poems or short stories or Journaling works too. start working your way up and it will become easy. what also counts is if your in the right mindset or a creative safe space.

Heather J.
Hmmmmmm. I think the best way of writing is when you are able to ponder your answer before you write it down. Then once you do write it down you know what you want to say and it just flows out.

Mina Vlogs19 B.
The best at of writing is your thoughts and mind always pick your own opinions and it’s own perspective never look up for others always focus on kn yours

Ella J.
With the stretching you are waking up your body, the juices in your body start to flow and you are feeling awake really faster than without a stretch.

Katrina U.
I think the act of writing is the most important so I write everywhere. If I have my phone I make notes if I have my planner I write in there! I will write anywhere

Nurul S.
I do journaling, it helps me to calm my nerves down and also helps me to reflect on the emotions I was going through. Sometimes, I write some random thoughts so that I can analyse it later. You can start with something short like bullet journal and then go for blank page journal where you have all the freedom to write down your thoughts.

Amy N.
On paper, when you have something to say. Whether you are really happy, super frustrated and angry, have an idea , or incredibly sad, write about your emotion. Anything, whether you turn it into a book or scribble all over the page . Writing with pure emotion is the best way to write.

Thea E.
The best way of writing i think is to write straight from the heart. However if you have a vacant mind/heart you will have nothing to pour from. I think this is why it is best to constantly feed your mind and heart with new experiences and knowledge so that when the right moment comes you are able to pour out well. Th

Nurul S.
I know it’s hard to be grateful after a long day, the last thing you want to do is try to put on a brave face. What I try to do is think about the things that make me happy. Then realize how I actually have it better than most people, so I shouldn’t be so sad. It’s also a little weird, but I talk to myself and say words of comfort. Because sometimes the person who knows you best is yourself, so only you know the best ways to become grateful.

Kayla X.
For me, in a journal is better to write what is going on inside my head at that moment. About the feelings that a complete routine has created to me (is the most written in my journal) or a special event that happened to me.

Vicky G.
The best way of writing, is the type where you are extremely comfortable and open. The best way of writing is when you write down what you think, and express what you feel. It’s when you focus more on quality than of quantity.

Carol U.
Now you’re going too far, writing is not my biggest problem but this is an app so writing is up to you. Have a great day.

Hanna Z.
I don’t think there’s a best way. I like to use stream of consciousness writing or to describe fun or challenging aspects of my day to the best of my ability to help myself process the event.

Shiva F.
Just start. Keep my journal in my nights stand drawer and pick it up before going to bed. Clear your mind and write down three things you are grateful
For. What are you excited about or looking forward to. You can do your journaling in the am upon awakening if you like.
Which ever best works for your lifestyle .
I have a note pad too for things that are on my mind or need to get done. Sort of dump my checklist. Gives you a clear mind and a peaceful rest. Then I do my meditation.
Calm app, Chopra.
In the am I do muse and journal after.

Crysta N.
I type into my phone because it’s accessible but I feel like the best way it to write in a journal or sketchbook. I just have too many of those to count already and that’s why I’m here.

Charles G.
The best way ignore writing is writing from the heart and what you see, hear and know. There is no point writing about something that you don’t have any passion for.

Joan Z.
The best way of writing doesn’t exist; you just have to find your own way by doing and experimenting different possible solutions that could work for you. Some people just sit down and write, whilst other need to find a certain place and feeling to get started. It’s all in what feels right to you.

Michelle Q.
I like writing my personal thoughts with a pen in a notebook. But when I am writing a story, making up characters and dialogue and painting a landscape with my words I prefer to type on my laptop. It flows more quickly that way as ideas pour out of me.

Loli N.
There is no best way of writing. However, In journaling I’ve found it helpful to begin by answering a set of questions or prompts such as through x week event or day what did you learn about yourself? What went well? What did you struggle with? Starting with these helped prompt me to write and then in unpacking each I grew more confident just writing about my day or how I felt.

Dibanni Z.
The best was to start a writing habit is by notating everything you do in the morning. Is a form of meditation and self awareness to what you have done. It help by remembering what you have done. I am a very forgetful person. And writing helps me remember what I have done. In a way I am strengthening my memory muscles. When you get into a habit of just writing what you have done throughout the day you can slowly start to add your emotions your thoughts your wishes your accomplishments and the future. I am not a writer matter a fact writing was my worst subject and reading growing up. But Depression and Anxiety has forced me to get into this habit. I haven’t fully overcome my unbalance self.

Violet N.
Evening so that i have time to think about what it is i want to write and so that if i have nothing i want to write about i can just write about my day.

Lilla M.
The way you like. AKA in your style. If that’s in a speech form, a letter form, a story form, do it. Whether it’s on paper or digitally – again do what’s most comfortable and convenient for you.

Shreya T.
for me i write using a pen and paper, as i feel it sets in stone more what i am writing and make the thing more likely to happen. it is entirely up to u what kind of journaling u like, whether that is scrapbook journaling, bullet journaling, or buying a journal and filling it out each day.

Curtis O.
If you have overthincking like me, the best way to start writing is to write about your fleeings at the time, next step is, what l call feelings-analysis, writing about reasons why you feel this way. Most important thing in second step is to make sure you are telling the truth. At last you should choose most important reason that made you feel bad or whatever and expand it. It's hard at first but at the end of the writing you'll be satisfied.

Oana T.
I use a notebook with a nice cover. I've tried several apps, but I do not get the same good feeling by writing on my phone. On paper I feel a clear my mind, I sort my thoughts, I unburden myself, all the good stuff that journalling can bring.

Nurul S.
Depends why you are writing. If it is for yourself, than write your thoughts down. The best way? Your own way. Whether that be by journaling, one sentence a day or writing a new book. Unless it is about grammar, writing style and pronunciations. Then check what the right way and form is before hand.

Aniah F.
Physically, I would rather type than write on paper. For the actual words, I believe the best way of writing is to write down like how you think. Write down details and opinions that you have that you wouldn’t normally say out loud because you’ll feel embarrassed.

Neko C.
I write/type everything in my phone. For me it’s easier to do it like that so then I don’t have to keep up with a journal.

Shaun T.
I think the best way of writing is to open yourself up to the possibility of seeing anything on the page/phone you are writing on. When we write, we open ourselves up to the things our brain doesn’t want us to know. Usually what we find is that deep truth that we don’t want to admit. Keeping an open and willing attitude about what you may find is the best way to write

Christine Z.
The best way..?…just do it somehow and get those thoughts on to paper…I wouldn’t try for “best”…writing is an art form…so let it messy and creative…no best way..
Best way is the most expressive way…

Ida Z.
I’m still figuring this out but what seems to help me out is a question or a quote that will get me to think and then write down my thoughts. I prefer paper over phone are a tablet.

Jordan P.
Music and rewards i reward myself after i clean it just keeps me motivated also music kepps you going so yah try that it will do you wonders (things you can do as a reward give your self chocolate whatch your fave show or movie or just take a relaxing bath

Lucy F.
The best way to write is to write about something you like or u can relate to. That way u can more detailly describe and allow your readers to imagine.

Nurul S.
In nature! When its raining outside n cool breeze coming in. By the ocean. In the mountains. On your patio. When you can be aline n at peace

Edith N.
It really depends on you, sometimes I find it best not to think about what in saying and just write. This is for you after all not anyone else it doesn’t matter if the words choice is simple or the grammar isn’t perfect, you aren’t being graded.

Lrc N.
In my opinion, the best way of writing is in a good atmosphere, with candles in the dark. Writing in old papers with a good smell, a slow and beautiful writing

Neha T.
The best way of writing… for me it's writing whatever is in my mind and heart. If something is overwhelming I write it down. If I'm happy about something I write that down too. It's your journal so be free. Take advantage of the freedom you have. Write down everything or write just a few words. Whichever helps you the best. Its doesn't have to be perfect. I hope this helps.