If you are so tired, do you still write your journal?

Nayeli S F.
Yes I personally do but that is my preference. If you are tired and trying to complete your routines and journaling, switch up your habits to fit you!!!
Mikkel N.
I sometimes skip that part of my day if I’m too tired, but immediately write on in the next day to make sure I don’t forget anything and start with a fresh mind.
Lisa A.
I jot down a journal response after I’ve had time to wake up with some coffee. Right now I am using the prompt in the app but soon would like to actually put pen to paper in my actual journal. Trying is baby steps.
Dahlia Y.
If I am extremely tired I won’t because sleep is my first priority but I try to every day because it’s nice to look on to motivate you.
Karina B.
Yes! I actually found out that writing helps me put ideas in perspective, understand my own thoughts and have time for me. Is sooo soothing, I realize I just need a blank piece of paper to pour my feelings and emotions.
Zoe O.
When I’m really tired, I usually don’t write in my journal (at night, that is.) However, I write in my journal in the morning almost every day due to me being more energized at that time. If I’m busy, journaling usually won’t be part of my routine.
Autumn N.
Usually yes, but if something is really heavy on my mind I HAVE to write it down. I am on sleeping medicines so it is hard for to stay awake, and it’s also hard for me to take my medicine on time which I feel may be why things seem so much more extreme sometimes.
Tristan G.
I try my best to write in my journal every day no matter what. But, sometimes I get to the point where I can barely stay awake, and the last of my energy is spent crawling into bed. When this happens, I do the journaling I would have done that night the next morning. I find that starting my nightly routine a couple hours before when I want to go to bed helps me get everything done that I want and also helps me maintain a sleep schedule.
Caylan W.
yes! if i’m really tired i’ll just write a sentence or two. doesn’t even have to be long. for example: “today was good because x, y, and z.”
Joless N.
i think that we should write for ourselves, to feel better and also to clean our thoughts but if we do it maybe late at night, after a stressful day and while we’re already sleeping.. i think it’s better to wait until next morning
sometimes i decided to write even if i was really tired and as always i wrote everything in my mind but it wasn’t very helpful because i wasn’t writing “for myself”, i was writing “because i had to journal as always” and you should take care of yourself first thing first 🙂 so if you’re tired: resting comes first than journaling