What format do you use when writing your journals?

Lydia W.
I just right freely or try to find prompts to tell stories the best ways that I express my emotions are by indirectly explaining them.Like apologies or stories or songs or characters or even just quotes and poems that help me convey how I feel.
Em U.
I write in the first person. sometimes I write very professionally, others I write as if I'm talking to my best friends. it depends on the flow, how I'm feeling and the piece of writing being constructed.
sometimes when I'm feeling adventurous I even write in the third person, referring to a she that usually reflects on myself in one way or another.
Michelle F.
I write whatever comes to mind, sort of stream of consciousness style, in the Fabulous “Write in Your Journal” habit. For now, my entries are quick and brief, but over time I hope to make them longer and more detailed.
June F.
I don’t use a format really. I don’t have any rules for journaling- it’s very free form. It’s part brain dump, to-do lists, inspiring quotes, and devotional/prayer journaling. Don’t over-think it. It’s a way to process your thoughts and get down negative emotions so they’re not in your head anymore.
Dorian U.
Honestly, I sometimes just write in whatever feels most comfortable to me! But I mostly write in cursive so I like to use cursive formats!
Katarina R.
I have chosen a notebook with a nice cover it goves me pleasure to see and is like i open a treasure. I bought a nice pen to use also
Jonathan P.
I have one journal exclusive for fabulous activities. First I add the date, than I write some general random tolds trying to reflect how I woke up and what I need for me each day. Then I read the reflection from every morning that the app offers and reflect a little about the tolds that come to my mind after reading it.
Max Q.
I started with a phisical journal, like a notebook. But, I reallized myself that im a better thinker if I write in mi laptop. So I create a document in word, where I write all mi toughts and the things wich I am gratefull.
George W.
Journaling is a very big challenge for me do at the moment I have been taking baby steps and journaling (hardly) here on the app. It is something that I would like to keep on cultivating over time. At which point I would absolutely prefer to use one of my fountain pens in a fresh moleskin
Sofie Z.
1. 3 things I want to feel
2. 3 things I can do to feel those things
3. 3 things to be for others
4. 3 things I can to do be that for others
Kassia Belle Z.
I tend to allow my thoughts and feelings to just flow out onto the page. I dont like it too be too structured, that leaves me feeling like im hiding an emotion from myself. I jusy let my mind guide me, page by page