How do I get started?

Antonin O.
Simply by doing it. And starting small, with expectations that maybe you’re sure you can fulfill. The thing is, sometimes you are sure you can do that one thing everyday and maybe you keep the promise for a week or two but you might lose focus after that for aiming too high from the beginning. Try aiming low to first set a habit, later you can increase intensity or make it more challenging but only after it’s been a set habit for a while. Also, don’t give or feel unmotivated just because you missed one day, you can still do it by believing you can.
Marie Y.
I started by adding drinking a glass of water to my list and then I added flossing to my night. I just did that for 3 weeks. It was an honest struggle to make myself do it,and not add anything else (which I also would have struggled to do abd probably would have been too much.)
Then I just did the habits and even on days when I thought I was terrible and got nothing done I could be like, well, but I drank water and brushed my teeth.
Now I am meditating and journalling and making my bed and exercising, but I really had to start small.
Samira N.
Focus on what your goals are, write them down and commit to at least sticking with a few habits in the beginning. Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do everything. Start small and build up so you can stick to them