I keep having the same problems and if I keep writing about them I panic because I’m not solving them and it’s already been weeks/months. How do I know I’m making progress, stop panicking, and still keep working on it.

Carmen G.
One day at a time, every day is a new beginning cant get struck in the mud gotta kerp it moving there will be days when i cant but i keep at it like rocky keep getting up.
Virgil U.
You should not ONLY write your problems. You should also analyze what you wrote so you could come up with a solution. I also find it helpful to write my deepest thoughts. Well, about your "knowing your progress" situation, you will just know when you're making progress. Before I was also wondering if I was ever making any progress but there was that one time when I just felt like it. About your panicking I feel like it's helpful if you start to contemplate or meditate. Don't think about anything negative that you feel like might happen. Just think about what good writing or doing a journal could do. You should also change or alter your mindset into you thinking that you can do it. You can find a solution to your problem and you can fix it.
Victoria N.
I completely understand how you feel. I know this sounds cliche, but what helped me was ultimately being my own psychologist. Dig deeper mentally- when you start to panic think about the underlying reasons (for me they’re usually reasons that are completely unrelated to what was in front of me that triggered the anxiety) . Write down every thought and feeling. Dig deep. And dig deeper. No thought or feeling is irrelevant. If you think/feel something AT ALL, write it down. Eventually things I thought were irrelevant in the moment turned out to be the true catalyst. I eventually tracked a pattern down which really led me to the real issue. Once I realized what is was I allowed myself comprehend my feelings, accept and assess the issue, and move on. Good luck!
Jennifer C.
Keep trapping the thoughts on paper. Try replacement 1. Is this true or is it false?
2. What would be possible if it were false?
3. What would it look like if it were true?
4. What proof, what facts do you have, that the story you have that you are repeating so often is actually true?

You triggered me

The biggest power you can give yourself is CHOICE!
Feelings and everything inside your life.

Is it true?
What's the reality of it?
Whose business is it?

When you think that it's TRUE
And that means
What do you think you would have
What's the worst that could happen
What's the should
Where is your proof

How do you react when you think that thought
Can you see a reason to drop that thought
Can you find one stress free reason to keep the thought

Who would you be without the thought

To yourself iie appreciate me
To the other ie appreciate him
Opposite he shouldn't appreciate me

David E.
Working on them and writing about them is progress. Perhaps look backwards to see how far you have come rather ham focussing on the distance yet to cover. Be kind to yourself and see the fact that you are still trying as a virtue in itself.