What was the last subject about in your journal?

Vernon C.
I have various journals for different purposes. In some I put detailed drawings of home improvement projects, some are sketchbooks for art projects, and some contain a mix of bullet journaling, inspirational quotes, doodles, and college. I don't tend to write diary style journals. My journals are more about working to better myself, but my journals do also reflect where I currently stand in that path of progress.
Sam U.
Two days ago, I had a falling out with a colleague. It really upset me so much that I could not sleep. I ended up tossing and turning, mulling the fight over and over in my head. I then got up and realised that if I write about it instead, I might feel better. I realise that my indifference towards her is warranted in many ways, but ultimately I am not able to handle conflict very welll, and that I am projecting a lot of unfair feelings towards her. I am also not an open person. I should have told her she was wrong, instead of keeping it inside, trying to spare her feelings. There were a lot of lessons in that day for me, and writing about my feelings and thoughts really put it all in perspective for me. I have a lot of self discovery still to do. Lessons to learn. But I need to love myself enough to not try and be perfect all the time.