Any good ideas for hiding journals?

Noemie P.
It's electronic and password protected. It's basically a website/app so your entries are stores securely on a server and can be accessed from anywhere at any time (as long as you have internet).

I use LastPass as my password manager so each website can have a different complicated password that I don't have to remember. That helps secure my journal too.

Mathilde W.
Lol don’t hide your journal I have my journals all on my iPad which as a password screen lock. Get app GoodNotes 4. Works with the iPad and Apple Pencil. Worlds best invention and doesn’t waste paper. But if you have to hide your journal hide it under your bed, Buried in your clothes (in your drawer), inside a bigger book on shelf, In your bathroom drawer or cabinet, or get a tiny journal and hide it in your shoes or underwear. Or I’m plain site like a purse (then it’s with you wherever you go). Good luck!

Eleonore J.
Hide them in plain sight. An official looking notebook on a work desk is unlikely to be disturbed, but a fancy looking diary under a bed seems like a secret treasure waiting to be opened.

Dwayne E.
A journal shouldn’t be something you need to hide necessarily but sometimes there is a need. Glue pages inside an old textbook, or inside another book cover. Put it in a bag you don’t use very often, or in a drawer no one ever touches. If hiding from a parent so be it, but if it’s from a partner who has no sense of privacy perhaps think about why you feel the need to hide it. Stay safe

Luis Z.
Not really sure what “hiding” means, but consistency is a sure thing. Also important to not write for anyone else bit yourself. be real in your emotions and words

Melinda E.
Hiding them? Classic places are between your mattress and box spring, under something on the top shelf in your closet, or under the seat in your car.

Step up is to get a cheap gun lock box. Keep it under your bed or in your closet and keep the key on your keyring, or camouflaged on a keyring with keys you rarely use or old keys you don't need anymore. Stash the "extra" set in a random place (like in the outside zipper pouch on a suitcase).

Christoffer B.
I dont understand the question. Why would someone wants to hide their journal? It stays at my bed so I can journal any night I want to.

Jerilyn Z.
I keep a journal on my nightstand, but a lot of the time I do my journaling on my phone through this app I have called Daylio. It's like a daily reflection

Helen N.
Hopefully you never have too, but work to find a way to live is a space where you can jus leave it for fear of it being peeked at. 💜