What do you mostly write on your journal?

Elias F.
I mostly write about my thoughts & emotions at the time. I also really focus on my perspective and thoughts related to my emotional state. Some days I will write down quotes that really resonated with me. I also like to write what I am grateful for.
Trisha T.
I really need to work on this. Mainly my food choices and trying to keep calm. I also love to write positive things to give myself that atta-girl…
Joless N.
i write everything i do during the day, focusing on the good things and on what i am grateful for. i do this at evening before going to bed because it helps me remembering to myself how happy should i be for who i am and who is around me in this moment of my life
Steph N.
For right now, I’m just reflecting on the habits I’m building. How I slept and am enjoying my nightly routine. This will likely change over time as my habits accumulate.
Aphiwe Z.
I write 3 things that went right every day instead of thinking about what when wrong. You can write about your path to bettering yourself and get to look back at how much you have grown as a person and this can be done by writing about things you have been experiencing and you deal with your problems.
Maysa X.
I never reflect negative thoughts in a journal. My journal should reflect motivation, realizations and my accomplishments
Abigail E.
Usually I just write about how my day went. I like to write about how I could have made it better. And how I will make tomorrow better.
Lisa J.
Well, I like to just write down my thoughts ,my feelings about some thing ,things that I am able to share it with someone else and things I do,