Do you journal in the morning or in the evening?

Luisa S.
I do it in the evenings, that’s the time when I feel more inspirated if you can Call it like that, I’m a person who is always on their own world, so for writing in my journal I usually think a lot

Luisa S.
I do not journal. I use to but I lost the habit. It's something that happens to me often. I would get into something then stop doing it then I'll never do it again. That's why I'm trying to work on my habits. I hope this helps

Luisa S.
I journal whenever I completely finish a task. With the smaller tasks like drinking water in the morning or eating breakfast, I immediately go in an say “Yes, I did this and I’m proud of myself.” For other tasks such as exercising or homework, sometimes I don’t finish it right away. I personally don’t have time in the morning right now to exercise, so when I do, I journal about it in the afternoon.

Waltrud R.
I do any task in the morning. In the morning I have more energy I’m more focus and more proactive. I wake up early enough to set a good plan and achieve it before I leave to work.

Luisa S.
In the evening. when I journal in the morning it feels like I force my thoughts to come to the surface and it stays in my mind for the whole day and I can't focus. But in the evening I go to sleep right after and it feels lightening.

Adryanna Y.
I prefer to journal in the evening… I’m honestly more of a night person, so this may be why, but out of habit since childhood I tend to work more in the mornings, so I don’t really have much time then. And if I find I’m stuck and don’t know what to write about, I could just write about my day, which isn’t really an option in the mornings (though you could do a dream journal, even though I usually forget what I dreamt of).

Adryanna Y.
Hmmm usually I journal in the evening, as it allows me to recollect my thoughts from the day, and perhaps what I could have done better. To me, I don’t have

Adryanna Y.
It's better to journal in the evening, because you can write what happened in your day and you don't need to speer any details. 🙂

Luisa S.
No, I don't because I don't find time or rather I don't take out ine for journaling but this question made me think that i shloud. It will help in reducing procrastination

Luisa S.
I prefer to journal in the evening, that way I can write down all of the days events and get out all the emotions that I experienced throughout the day. I find journaling a way to express yourself and your thoughts.

Carole Y.
I journal in the morning because when I wake up i tend to feel more better after journaling in the morning because it really starts to wake up my brain and get it going for the day.

Luisa S.
I don't journal a lot but If I do, I do it at night because I have my whole day to write about instead of just the morning.

Luisa S.
In the evening. The morning is my most productive time of the day generally, so I want to spend this on deep work sessions.

Luisa S.
In the evening. I review my day and I rant in case I need to, which helps falling asleep for me. For me my mind is busier in the evening too.

Gia Z.
Stop going on your phone before bed. Literally keep it out of your room. Make your room a screen free zone 30 mins or an hour before you go to sleep!

Virgil S.
I like to journal in the a.m. because it is when I am thinking the most clearest and can talk about deeper subjects. It also generally helps frame my outlook to positive for the remainder big the day.

D1 N.
I understand not necessarily wanting to eat breakfast every morning I personally don’t enjoy it but even something as small as a smoothie or a piece of fruit, even a little ziplock baggie of trail mix can mean all the difference between you starting your day off with energy and a good attitude and you feeling groggy and irritable until you nourish yourself especially if you like to start your day with a work out, remember your car won’t move with no gas and I imagine it doesn’t go far with half a tank either. I hope that I was able to help and provide some insight for you.

Luisa S.
I journal in the morning because this time my story unfolds once again. As I write in my journal at the time, I feel prepared on seizing the day!

Anna C.
I’m finding that in the morning is working better; it helps give me instant focus for my day. I follow a PhD named Benjamin Hardy – he provides a list of 5 questions to reflect on in preparation for a journaling exercise. I’m finding those helpful.

Luisa S.
I usually write in the morning. With a clear and fresh mind. In the evening i tend to get more anxious, frustrated and sad. Getting things out of my mind in the morning somehow helps to put the “past” behind me and start a new day more easily.

Luisa S.
I journal throughout the day, via some mood and journaling apps. I would like to start a proper handwritten journal and write in the evenings. I would also like to start handwriting a gratitude journal in the mornings.

Victoria E.
I journal in the evening because it is easier for me to reflect on my day and to let my thoughts and whatever is on my mind drift away. I sometimes journal in the morning to set the mood for my day.

Luisa S.
It depends on your energy, if you came from work took a shower but you felt like a leave in the wind, just have some rest, wake up 15 minutes earlier to write your journal. It something you should enjoy, and to rest all the negative that you have. In a nutshell, do your journal whenever you have the time and energy for it.

Ross A.
I journal in the morning because I have the most motivation in the morning. If I wait until night I will not remember or have the energy or the stamina to do it.

Luisa S.
I journal in the evening, that way i can account for the full day's activities and feelings without making guesses or assumptions.

Perfeito S.
Evening. I like to lay out what my best version of the following day will look like and evaluate what went right and wrong to adjust.

Luisa S.
I like to journal at both times because in the morning you can reflect on what you thought about in your dreams. I like to do it at night because you can refect on your day.

Tommy O.
It depends on how I’m feeling and what events have occurred the day or days before or events that occurred on that day, I usually right out feelings when I’m feeling not well maybe sad,mad, angry, or mixed emotions of every kind, and also very happy events that have occurred like achieving goals or passing tests or even keeping up with my journal

Emilie Z.
I usually don't journal.
It would be mostly when I'm feeling isolated or it's something important or related to my small business

Silke G.
So far i did it on the morning, bc that's when I remembered it. But I should do it in the evening bc as later I do it the as more things can happen.

Luisa S.
depends on the day. it’s a good way to start the day and get myself motivated, makes it a good day. it is also good in the evening to reflect on the day and calm myself down to have a good night sleep.

Tatum Q.
I’m a teacher, so I journal more so in the morning when I have my students journal! Every so often I do a second journal at home reflecting on my day!

Luisa S.
I do gratitude journaling in the morning as it makes me realize the things I am blessed to have and give my day a positive start . I also do brain dumping in the evening and let all the thoughts and things and lessons I learned from the day down on paper before going to bed

Luisa S.
No, do you think going to a shrink spending thousands of dollars talking about your feelings is with it? all you need is some time to reflect, meditate, declutter, detoxify and write down your feelings being honest with your self and your good to go.

Luisa S.
I prefer to journal in the evening. With the mental health disorder I deal with a day can change in a whim. The biggest part of my Journaling is to track those changes to see if there is something consistently triggering them. I cant do this before I've made it through my day. I do however want to start Journaling my dreams in the morning as well

Zarmala A.
I journal in the morning because it’s when I have my most energy and fits nicely into my commute; it also sets me up nicely into a positive mood for the day as usually before work is when I need my biggest motivation boost.

Silvestre Z.
I journal in the morning to set goals for the day or to reflect on how I feel first thing in the morning. But I also journal at night to reflect on the day I just had.

Michelle N.
Yes I do! The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is journaling about gratitude. And when I go to bed I refelect on what I did that day and how I felt. That way I can process my emotions, even the bad ones 🙂

Luisa S.
I don't journal most of the time but I think it is better for me to do it in the evening, as I like to reflect on the events I faced during the day and put some directions or an advice for myself regarding the event

Roy J.
Alla mattina, ovviamente appena finisco di fare tutto lo vado a segnare. anche perché l'app chiede di segnare le cose tutte insieme

Luisa S.
I usually journal in the evening, also because you can write about the day, what did you do and think and have reflections.

Andrea P.
I don't journal at all. I tried it but it didn't give me anything. Or maybe I should say that I don't journal regularly. Because I do sometimes draw what happened or save someone's quote and then I read it after a while. It gives me so much more when I write down something super intense or draw like a fun part of my day, then just scribbling something everyday, just to have written something down. However I hope that one day, maybe I will be able to keep a daily journal. Because once a person has something happening in their life.. and it's not just a big mush, it can be quite freeing.

Lori U.
It depends on the day and the question. I do not journal on my own. Starting this program I do enjoy reflecting in the morning. Sometimes before my littles wake up or after school drop off.

Bessie Y.
It depends on how much time I have, I might even journal a few times a day! I'm still trying to find which platform I like to journal in, but u fine myself having a few places digitally and physically.

Luisa S.
I journal in the evening because there's no one that can interrupt me and I can write my worries in order to get rid of my anxiety so I can fall asleep faster

Gia Z.
I used to journal at night because I want to summarize my day what was really happening, what I do, what I was upset about and what makes me happy.

Luisa S.
I journal in the evening because I think that is where I write how I feel or how my day is going, and also what I look forward to for the rest of the day.

Laurie W.
I write in the evening. I list three things I am grateful for from the day as part of my evening routine and write in my journal to take stock do the day and clear my thoughts before bed.

Luisa S.
Receiving little wins and small rewards each day will definitely motivate you more than getting big wins that are difficult to achieve

Shelbi N.
I journal first thing in the morning (about my plans for the day, and sometimes I’ll do a prompt in a creative thinking journal/write a poem — I like to get the creativity going really early). I usually take notes throughout the day in my journal so I can keep track of my meetings and whatever to-do items come up. And then I journal again at the end of the day as I try to reflect, set goals, and plan for the rest of the week.

Aniah F.
In the morning, I read the quote and write down what I believe it means. Then in the evening, i wrote down how this affected or fit into a situation that happened in my da.

Hanne F.
I rather do it in the evening, since like that it can be more of a reflection of the day. However if you do it in the morning, you are less likely to forget to do it

Grace T.
I journal anytime. I try not to restrict my journaling to certain times of the day or put myself on a strict schedule. I just do it whenever. I am really chill about it. I don't really do it every day also just when I remember so I probably not the best person to ask 🐱

Karina Z.
I journal in the evening to document how I've felt that day and because everyone is asleep and it's peace and quiet for me to turn to introspection. Maybe other people ate able to take time for themselves in the morning, but I am naturally that type of person. Also I don't know what I would write about in the morning.

Luisa S.
Neither. Id like to start with journaling in the morning. Setting intention and make a to-do list for the day. I can combine this with breakfast☆

Adryanna Y.
For me i do not get enough time in the morning due to late sleeping habits so therefore in the evening or night when no one is around to bother me….it is the best time to journal.

Mona O.
I journal in the morning regularly, almost every day. I got into the practice of morning pages a couple years ago while I was reading “the Artists way”. This practice helps nurture creativity and focus. If I have a lot on my mind sometimes I will journal in the evening.

Luisa S.
Both. Starting in the first evening, looking at my calendar of the next day to think of any task that I need to do. Writing down and scheduling it.
Then, in the next morning, early and before reading any e-mail and before starting to work, I journal the day.
Along the day, the alarms I scheduled the day before remember me to stop and do the important tasks I need to complete.
In the evening, I journal how the day was. And after that, I look at my calendar and plan the next day.
This is more simple to do after you start, because it just takes 5 min in the evening and 10 min in the morning.
And life turns out to be what you want! Really great insights from journaling.

Luisa S.
I typically don't Journal at any specific time of the day or night. However when I Journal it's when I have something on my mind. It could be a voice memo on my phone during the day, or something in my notes app on my phone. Or actual writing in a journal

Adryanna Y.
I only have my anime journal,so I journal mostly in the morning when I have the energy for it.But soemtimes when I dont have to do anything for school I like to journal in the evening :)❤

Luisa S.
I'd prefer the evening cause in the morning there's not that much to journal about. I mean come on you just woke up, I do evening cause you can reflect about your entire day and there's more to reflect about as well.

Elle F.
I honestly like doing both. I like to use the mornings to set intentions and document how I feel waking up. I’ll set goals and i feel like it wakes me up. I also like to journal in the evening to reflect on my day and how I feel in the moment.

Adryanna Y.
I do my journal in the morning. I try to do it for 8 o'clock. But sometimes I haven't got enough routine and sometimes I have to eat at work. But I try to do betjer every day. And every day is a winning when you know where I come from

Adryanna Y.
I do it both of the time, sometimes even in the afternoon and not just in the evening. I prefer to do it more times a day because I can be relaxed and clear minded all the day, In the evening it helps to go to sleep earlier, so it is very helpfull. Sometimes as I mentioned earlier I use it in the afternoon, it helps me to be stressed about online school and to be relaxed all the way untill I finish studying. I hope I could helped:)

Livka N.
I journal on the app fabulous in the morning but after work around 5:00 I do another journal entry about my day and how I felt today.

Caroline P.
More often I journal at night. I have my journals ready for me next to my bed where I write down my accomplishments from the day and what I’m grateful for that day. I’ve been enjoying journaling in the morning lately especially after a meditation so I try to journal morning and night or at least one session a day.

Isidoro E.
I don’t usually journal but when i feel like writing something down i don’t fix a certain time, i just do it when i feel like it.

Lea E.
A great breakfast.
I'm currently a 2nd year medical student in Nigeria so I often go for really long hours having classes. I'm not a big fan of coffee so a power boost of caffeine is to a large extent out of the picture as sugar and sugary foods should be taken in moderation. All that being said a great and in fact perfect breakfast for me should be one that can carry me for longer so I don't get hungry as fast but also not make me too full, bloated and sleepy a short while after eating.
I'd rather have a meal with as much of the classes of food as possible than one with less. So a perfect breakfast would have a little bit of things from here, and a little bit of things from there (I'm speaking of classes of food and other nutrients; especially from proteins. An example of said meal would be boiled unripe plantains with eggs fried with tomatoes and fish.
Another option would be jollof rice, vegetables with hard boiled eggs, meat and fish or even steamed bean pudding (moi moi), pap (corn porridge) with milk and (or) honey. You can top all these off with avocados and fruits.