When journaling, what do you do when the things you want to write don’t come out? Or you have nothing to say

Sam F.
I have often struggled with writing down feelings or thoughts that are hard to say out loud. Such as if you feel a certain kind of negative way about someone you care about. But it comes eventually. Even if it takes a few days. Don't try to force it. If you don't have anything to say that's ok too. Maybe just jot down a sentence or 2 about one thing you did during the day or even just how you feel in that particular moment. I hope I helped with my answer😁
Alyssa U.
Sometimes I will do a brain dump. This for when I have nothing to say, or everything to say. Forget punctuation or even lines for that matter. Literally write anything you want. For me, I write want I want for lunch, how my left foot itches right now, or how the character on the show I’m watching should really be with who. Sometimes the small turns into the big and you might start writing down what you really are nervous about. Or you write about lunch. At least it will get you in the practice of flowing from the brain to the hand easier. Baby steps!
Amber S.
I give myself 10 minutes. Close my eyes and think. If the prompt I’m exploring is not bringing anything up right away, I just wait and focus on why the prompt is hard for me or why I can’t find the words to answer. If it’s due to a trigger that I usually block myself from thinking about, I try hard to focus on that and why I’ve built this coping strategy and why it’s a trigger. But, if after ten minutes I still got nothing, I move on to a different prompt of hang my hat up or write down “I honestly have no idea how to answer this“ or “I’m really not feeling inspired by this prompt today”
Mariana I.
To be honest, I just don’t write.
But lately I am pushing myself to at least write a shot list of things I am grateful in my life and also a shot list of unpleasant thoughts I had for the sake of monitoring.
Finally, I just state how I deeply wish journaling feels better the next day.