Do you use an app to journal?

Lila O.
Yes I do . I use an app because I feel that it’s much easier to do as I’m on my device 24/7. Hope that answered your question!
Amalie G.
I use a physical journal and I implement the bullet Journaling method so I can customize my journal to fit my needs. Some pages are filled with weekly pages with the tasks I have to do, others are filled with journal entries, some with drawings or combinations of all three. This way I can stay organized, express my thoughts and feelings, and flex my creative muscle all in one journal. Find whatever works best for you.
Jimmie Z.
I do actually. A lot of people recommend Goodnotes 5, and it’s a good app, but it costs money.
However, I found an app called Collanote on iPad that’s amazing. You’re not limited on the amount of folders, and it’s free! It’s very easy to navigate and understand it as well, so that’s a bonus.
Mathilde C.
No. I don’t use an app for journal. I use Reboot journal (classic pen 🖊 on paper 📝) and Fabulous App just to check in this task done ✅
Charlotte C.
I use this app to journal on the go and write in a notebook the rest of the time. I journal daily. I also do art based journaling and junk journals to help my mental health and have a creative outlet. It helps my anxiety.
Jasmine E.
I write in the journal on this app but I have a journal I bought that will last me till I’m like 100 years old asks me life questions from my childhood to adulthood and reflection questions I really enjoy writing so I’d rather have a book and pen
Pheonyx I.
I write anywhere and everywhere. I love writing so I have a journal right in my notes, I have a physical book journal, and I have a guided journal to learn more about myself. There’s no limitation to when or where you should write, so let it flow!!!! 😀
Juc Lia S.
Yes. It’s my second time using this app. First time I cough a big depression and now I wanna do it more clever. Because even it was a dark time for me, I improved a lot!