What question do you often ask yourself before you begin journaling?

Sohan Z.
I honestly don't catch myself asking anything… I just start writing my thoughts, which always seem to just continue to flow. I write down what I just thought no matter how pointless I think it was.
Oliver P.
"What am I working on right now? What are the effects I want to see from it and why am i sticking with it?". It helps me recognize any shortcomings I have, things I want to build on or start, and reflect on where I am coming from. I also use it as an opportunity to manifest what I want to get from every new habit I am building and the lifestyle changes I am implimenting.
Herbert J.
What is important for me to remember this day? What is on my mind? What is happening for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually?
Jorge W.
That’s a great question!! My answer is for myself, I don’t ask questions. I write what comes to me and what I’m feeling and see where it goes. It’s therapeutic in a way. Now if I am working on a goal or breaking a habit, I will start off by reinforcing the good behavior, such as No soda today. Great job! That’s a direct quote.
Valdemar A.
I ask myself, how do I feel today? If I journal in the morning this lets me know what I’m up against and I can turn negativity into positivity for a good start. If I journal at night, then this let’s me reflect on what has happened and how it affected me. Another prompt if you’re feeling stuck is Sad, Mad, Glad, and Scared. Just ask yourself what am I feeling sad about? What am I mad about? What am I glad about? And am I scared of anything? Happy journaling!
Jeppe G.
I ask myself what I did that day. I release all the feelings and thoughts that I had that day. I allow myself to unwind and contemplate all the things that are going on in my life.