How many words long are your daily journal entries on average?

Danielle O.
They are generally rather short, just a few sentences at most. I'm more likely to continue doing if I'm not forcing myself to do too much
Sofia F.
They vary wildly so an average would not do them any justice. Basically I write exactly what happened and the effect it had on me. Today's entry, for instance was only a few sentences long.
Eve T.
I average between 100 and 500 words when I write in my journal. I have a set of stock questions to reflect on and to prompt me to write, questions such as “What did I do or encounter yesterday?” or “What is the most important thing for me to do today?”
Noelle O.
I don't count words, instead I write about one page. I've got a small journal so I don't write a lot. I used to have a bigger journal but it felt frustrating sometimes frustrating just to write a half page. Now I found a good fit. Even on really unenspired days my pages don't seem empty.
Ngelo P.
I probably average 35 words. Some days there’s not that much to write and other days are like a chapter. I try to focus on the highlights or just one thing.
Luzia A.
They tend to be sentences rather than paragraphs. I get the idea of the exercise, but I've also spent half my adult life writing about and recalling my childhood and early mistakes. I also tend to write in it when I want to rather than when the app real me.